Legend of Awakening

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Legend of Awakening


  • Title: 天醒之路 / Tian Xing Zhi Lu
  • English title: Legend of Awakening
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2020


During the Northern and Southern dynasties, the people were being ravaged by beasts so they began cultivating as a means of self-protection. Four young heroes begin on a journey towards awakening.


Actor Role Notes
Chen Fei Yu Lu Ping
Xiong Zi Qi Yan Xifan
Deng En Xi Su Tang Younger sister of Lu Ping.
Cheng Xiao Qin Sang Daughter of a general. She has a cold personality but is extremely talented.
Ding Zi Jun Chai Rong Emperor of Zhou.

Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Tian Xing Zhi Lu (天醒之路) by Butterfly Blue (蝴蝶蓝)
  • Director: Huang Wei Jie (黄伟杰)
  • Screenwriters: Li Chang Ling (李晶凌)
  • Producers: Gordon Chan
  • Company: Youku, Tenray Media, Liubai Entertaiment

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