Legend of Fei

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Legend of Fei


  • Title: 有翡 / You Fei
  • English title: Legend of Fei
  • Genre: Wuxia, adventure, romance
  • Episodes: 51
  • Broadcast network: Hubei Radio & Television Station, Tencent
  • Broadcast period:
    • 2020-Dec-15 (Hubei Radio & Television Station)
    • 2020-Dec-16 (Tencent)
  • Original soundtrack: Legend of Fei OST
  • Related TV series: The Unbeatable


A story of how Zhou Fei and Xie Yun went through struggles and challenges to become legendary heroes in the pugilistic world.

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Main Cast

Daughter of Li Jinrong and Zhou Yitang.
Prince Duan. Descendant of Crown Prince Duan Yi. Disciple of Peng Lai.
Daughter of Wu Fei, Zhong Wu General.
Eldest descendant of the Li Family. Primed to be the next Chief of the Stronghold. Zhou Fei's cousin.
Son of Yin Peilan, was raised by Ji Yunchen after his father's death.
Li Sheng's younger sister, Zhou Fei's cousin.

48 Mountain Stronghold

  • Hu Bing as Li Zheng, founder of the stronghold. Known as the "Southern Knife", founder of the Po Xue Knife technique. Zhou Fei's grandfather
  • Che Xiao as Li Jinrong (voiced by Li Shi Rong), chief of the stronghold. Zhou Fei's mother
  • Zong Feng Yan as Zhou Yitang, Gan Tang Gong. Zhou Fei's father
  • Guo Kai as Li Jinfeng, Li Jinrong's younger brother and Li Sheng's father
  • Wang Chun Yuan as Yu Lao (voiced by Xuan Xiao Ming), guardian of Xi Mo River. Former sect leader of Ming Feng Lou (intelligence collecting organization). Adept in setting up traps
  • Yuan Zi Yi as Kou Dan, member of Ming Feng Lou. Yu Lao's niece. Elder of the stronghold
  • Feng Jun as Old Madame Wang, sect leader of Xiao Xiang Sect. Elder of the stronghold
  • Yan Lin Fei as Ma Jili, head attendant of the stronghold
  • Li Ming Ming as Zhang Chenfei, senior disciple of the stronghold. Grandson of Old Madame Wang
  • Zhao Yan Yu as Deng Zhen, disciple of the stronghold
  • Gao Shou as Zhao Qiusheng, elder of the stronghold
  • Wei Zhi Qiang as Zhang Bolin, elder of the stronghold
  • Liu Feng Shuo as Hong Yun, disciple of the stronghold
  • Yao Peng Cheng as Bai Neng, disciple of the stronghold

Di Sha Mountain Pavilion

Ping An Army

  • Wang Li as Wang Lin, general of Ping An Army. Zhou Yitang's teacher
  • Li Ang as Wen Yu, Zhou Yitang's subordinate
  • Cai Guo Long as Wu Fei, Zhong Wu General

Huo Jia Bao

  • Wang Bin as Huo Changfeng, chief of Huo Jia Bao. Close friend and ally of Li Zheng
  • Yang Cheng Ming as Huo Liantao, second chief of Huo Jia Bao. Works for the Chen Zichen

Si Xiang Mountain

  • Guo Xin as Mu Xiaoqiao, Zhu Que Master. The most powerful guardian of Si Xiang Mountain. Works for Huo Liantao
  • Xu Hao Yun as Ding Kui, Xuan Wu Master
  • Liu Bo Xiao as Qing Long Master. Yin Pei's subordinate
  • Mu Yan (沐炎) as Feng Feihua, Bai Hu Master



Production Credits


  • The drama began filming on September 26, 2020 at Hengdian World Studios. It stopped production in January 27, 2020 due to coronavirus. Filming resumed on March 13, 2020 and wrapped up on April 28, 2020.
  • Filming also took place in Chengdu.

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