Legend of Yun Xi

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Legend of Yun Xi


  • Title: 芸汐传 / Yun Xi Zhuan
  • English title: Legend of Yun Xi
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jun-25 to 2018-Aug-15
  • Original soundtrack: Legend of Yun Xi OST


Story of Han Yunxi, daughter of a physician who is adept at handling poison. She gets married to Long Feiye, brother of the Emperor via an imperial decree; and gets caught in the political machinations of the royal family. Using her wits and medical skills, she managed to impress Long Feiye and the two soon fall in love with each other.

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Correlation Chart
Main Cast
Qin manor
  • Tan Li Min as Grand Imperial Consort Yi, adoptive mother of Long Feiye
  • Wang You Shuo as Tang Li, descendant of Western Qin. Long Feiye's younger brother. Young master of Tang Sect.
  • Lin Si Yi as Ouyang Ningjing, young mistress of Yun Kong Academy. She likes Tang Li.
  • Zhao Yi Xin as Chu Xifeng, Long Feiye's loyal guard. He likes Zhu Yu.
  • Feng Qi Nuo as Nanny Gui, Consort Yi's personal attendant
  • Jia Shu Yi as Nanny Zhao, Long Feiye's personal attendant
  • Liu Tao as Housekeeper
Tian Ning Royal Family
Tian Ning
Long Feiye's allies
  • Shao Xue Cong as Baili Mingxiang, daughter of General Baili. Long Feiye's childhood friend, who has an unrequited crush on him.
  • Chang Sheng as Bai Xiaochuan, Superintendent of Tian Ning. Student of General Baili.
  • Mao Fan as Sun Muchu
  • Zhao Hong Wu (赵洪武) as Piaoqi General
  • Zhang Hao Ran as Zhengnan General
Han manor
  • Lu Xing Yu as Han Congan, head of Han manor. Chief imperial physician. Han Yunxi's adoptive father.
  • Tong Tong as Madame Xu, Second madame of Han family. Han Ruoxue's birth mother.
  • Shang Guan Tong as Third madame, Han Yunyi's birth mother
  • Liu Jiong Ran as Han Ruoxue, second daughter of the Han Manor
  • Jin Xiang Dong as Han Yunyi, young master of the Han Manor
  • Zhang Hong Ge as Housekeeper
Yao Gui Valley
  • Xie Lei Lei as Bai Su, Gu Qishao's loyal subordinate
  • Huang Lu Lu as Yu Ze, a courtesan who secretly works for Gu Qishao, and is in love with him.
  • Li Shu Ting as Zhu Yu, Gu Qishao's loyal subordinate. She likes Chu Xifeng.

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