List of Dramas aired in China by Network in 2023

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List of Dramas aired or airing in China by Network in 2023.

Beijing TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-01 In Spite of the Strong Wind 39
2023-Mar-13 New Vanity Fair 40
2023-May-12 Wo Di Jing Hua 35
2023-Jul-17 Imperfect Victim 29
2023-Aug-05 Days With Ambition and Pride 45
2023-Aug-29 The Eve 32
2023-Sep-20 Spy Game 38
2023-Oct-11 Mr. & Mrs. Chen 32
2023-Dec-18 Lightseeker: The Story of the Young Mao Zedong 36


Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Feb-06 Our Ordinary Days 38
2023-Mar-01 Enlighten Your Life 32
2023-Mar-20 Miles to Go 37
2023-Apr-12 Start Here 33
2023-May-05 Xue Lian Hua Sheng Kai De Di Fang 32
2023-May-25 In Later Years 40
2023-Jun-29 Ray of Light 30
2023-Jul-21 Fu Chun Shan Ju 32
2023-Aug-11 Winter and Lion 24
2023-Aug-27 A Long Way Home 30
2023-Sep-15 Da Dao Xin Huo 33
2023-Oct-15 The Pearl River Family 37
2023-Nov-13 Solemn Commitment 32
2023-Dec-12 The Forerunner 32


Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-14 The Knockout 39
2023-Jan-15 Three-Body 30
2023-Feb-17 Love is Full of Jiudaowan 40
2023-Mar-09 Hello Beautiful Life 36
2023-Mar-14 Who is He 24
2023-Mar-27 Nothing But You 38
2023-Apr-07 Ode to Joy 4 37
2023-Apr-15 Take Us Home 36
2023-Apr-27 Madame Xian 35
2023-May-03 The Ordinary Road 36
2023-May-21 A Generation of Craftsmen 32
2023-Jun-01 The Youth Memories 38
2023-Jun-20 Sisterhood 40
2023-Jul-10 Once and Forever 35
2023-Jul-16 The Story of My Parents' Youth 43
2023-Jul-27 The Infiltrator 37
2023-Aug-14 All the Way to the Sun 36
2023-Sep-01 Sunshine by My Side 36
2023-Sep-19 Alliance 36
2023-Sep-19 Love in the Green Mountains 33
2023-Oct-07 The Heart 38
2023-Oct-26 Ding Bao Zhen 36
2023-Nov-02 Love is Panacea 38
2023-Nov-03 The Fearless 40
2023-Nov-23 Happy Life 38
2023-Dec-10 The Hope 32
2023-Dec-12 Unshakable Faith 40
2023-Dec-27 Blossoms Shanghai 30

Dragon TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-24 Turn On the Right Way of Life 40
2023-Mar-09 The Corner of Love 39
2023-Mar-03 Infernal Affairs 40
2023-May-14 Gen Z 40
2023-Jun-25 The Outsider 38
2023-Jul-17 Imperfect Victim 29
2023-Aug-05 The Gifted Housekeeper 39
2023-Aug-28 Incomparable Beauty 40
2023-Sep-20 Spy Game 38
2023-Oct-11 Mr. & Mrs. Chen 32
2023-Oct-30 Rising With the Wind 30
2021-Nov-21 Welcome to Milele Village 32

Hunan TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-03 Meet Yourself 40
2023-Jan-27 For the First Time in My Life 12
2023-Feb-06 Lady's Character 40
2023-Mar-14 Road Home 30
2023-Apr-05 Thin Ice 40
2023-May-03 Warm and Sweet 38
2023-May-31 The White Castle 40
2023-Jul-05 Fireworks of My Heart 40
2023-Aug-18 Fake It Till You Make It 14
2023-Oct-03 My Precious 40
2023-Nov-01 We Go Fast On Trust 22
2023-Nov-17 Fantastic Doctors 16
2021-Nov-21 Welcome to Milele Village 32

Jiangsu TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-01 In Spite of the Strong Wind 39
2023-Jan-24 Turn On the Right Way of Life 40
2023-Feb-16 The Starry Love 40
2023-Mar-30 Infernal Affairs 40
2023-Apr-23 Youth in the Flames of War 39
2023-Jun-02 A Date with the Future 36
2023-Jun-17 Be Your Own Light 40
2023-Aug-05 The Gifted Housekeeper 39
2023-Aug-28 Incomparable Beauty 40
2023-Sep-20 Against the Light 45
2023-Oct-14 Never Too Late 37
2021-Nov-21 Welcome to Milele Village 32

Zhejiang TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-25 Viva Femina 35
2023-Feb-16 The Starry Love 40
2023-May-08 Sweet and Cold 31
2023-Sep-24 Upstream 30
2023-Oct-14 Never Too Late 37
2023-Nov-04 Weaving a Tale of Love 2 40
2023-Dec-18 Lightseeker: The Story of the Young Mao Zedong 36


Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-06 My Uncanny Destiny 24
2023-Jan-06 Insect Totem 30
2023-Jan-13 My Lethal Man 22
2023-Jan-16 Along with Me 18
2023-Jan-16 A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple 24
2023-Jan-16 Why Try to Change Me Now 6
2023-Jan-29 When I See Your Face 15
2023-Jan-31 Hello There 24
2023-Feb-03 Love Me Like I Do 18
2023-Feb-03 My Eternal Star 22
2023-Feb-07 Mask 24
2023-Feb-09 Under the Microscope 14
2023-Feb-14 Perfect Mismatch 24
2023-Feb-21 Never Give Up 40
2023-Feb-25 Warm on a Cold Night 36
2023-Feb-27 Once and Forever: The Sun Rises 25
2023-Mar-01 Taste of Love 24
2023-Mar-07 Maybe This is Love 12
2023-Mar-10 I Belonged to Your World 20
2023-Mar-15 The Science of Falling in Love 24
2023-Mar-16 Echo 13
2023-Mar-17 Sticky Club 12
2023-Mar-20 The Girl Who Sees Smells 24
2023-Mar-24 Miss Chun is a Litigator (Season 1) 20
2023-Mar-28 Pledge of Allegiance 24
2023-Mar-31 Falling Before Fireworks 23
2023-Apr-01 The Magical Women 20
2023-Apr-06 The Trust 30
2023-Apr-06 Thirteen Years of Dust 24
2023-Apr-12 Cute Bad Guy 23
2023-Apr-18 Let's Tug It! 24
2023-Apr-26 Come On! Programmers 12
2023-Apr-28 An Actor's Rhapsody 24
2023-Apr-29 The Lord of Losers 2 24
2023-May-01 The Ingenious One 36
2023-May-07 Grandma's New World 18
2023-May-20 Hi Producer 36
2023-May-26 Wanru's Journey 24
2023-May-30 Murder Notes 12
2023-May-31 To Ship Someone 24
2023-Jun-01 Beauty of Resilience 36
2023-Jun-09 Skip A Beat 20
2023-Jun-18 Destined 40
2023-Jun-28 Ten Years 24
2023-Jul-02 Divine Destiny 36
2023-Jul-09 The Lost 11th Floor 24
2023-Jul-23 Mysterious Lotus Casebook 40
2023-Jul-27 Exclusive Fairy Tale 24
2023-Aug-04 You From the Future 24
2023-Aug-10 Love You Seven Times 38
2023-Aug-17 Her World 32
2023-Aug-18 The Evidence Tells 32
2023-Aug-22 A Different Mr. Xiao 24
2023-Aug-31 Egg and Stone 24
2023-Sep-02 My Journey to You 24
2023-Sep-06 My Annoying Roommate 12
2023-Sep-13 Miss Lucky Go! 24
2023-Sep-15 Hello, I'm At Your Service 24
2023-Sep-16 Best Enemy 36
2023-Sep-16 Love Is An Accident 32
2023-Sep-19 Bright Eyes in the Dark 40
2023-Sep-28 The Truth of Scent 24
2023-Oct-02 Tiger and Crane 36
2023-Oct-12 Fan Pian Jing Cha 30
2023-Oct-14 Romance on the Farm 26
2023-Oct-18 The Bionic Life 12
2023-Oct-19 Man in the Mist 30
2023-Oct-27 The Case Solver 3 23
2023-Nov-07 Story of Kunning Palace 38
2023-Nov-24 Lie Zui Zhe 12
2023-Nov-28 A Journey to Love 40
2023-Nov-29 Amazing Girls 24
2023-Dec-05 The Baking Challenge 24
2023-Dec-08 The Truth II 26
2023-Dec-15 The Left Ear 36
2023-Dec-21 The Lonely Warrior 24
2023-Dec-29 Special Lady 36
2023-Dec-30 The Mutations 12

Mango TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Feb-14 Fairyland Romance 24
2023-Mar-28 Desire & Poem 40
2023-Mar-31 Love is Written in the Stars 24
2023-Apr-06 The Trust 30
2023-Apr-23 Desire Catcher 24
2023-May-25 Please Be My Family 30
2023-Jun-11 My Marvellous Fable 24
2023-Jun-21 Exploration Method of Love 22
2023-Jul-10 Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox 30
2023-Jul-29 Young Blood 2 27
2023-Aug-12 You Are Desire 30
2023-Sep-06 Be With You 24
2023-Sep-16 Love Is An Accident 32
2023-Sep-16 Stand By Me 30
2023-Oct-12 The Inextricable Destiny 24
2023-Nov-03 Only For Love 36
2023-Nov-25 I May Love You 24
2023-Dec-20 Huan Xi Yi Jia Ren 36


Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-06 Insect Totem 24
2023-Jan-11 Choice Husband 30
2023-Jan-30 A League of Nobleman 29
2023-Feb-07 Mask 24
2023-Feb-10 Love Heals 36
2023-Feb-13 The Forbidden Flower 24
2023-Feb-15 The Journey of Chongzi 40
2023-Feb-19 MDH Practice 19
2023-Feb-27 Once and Forever: The Sun Rises 25
2023-Mar-15 Royal Rumours 24
2023-Mar-21 Romance of a Twin Flower 38
2023-Mar-31 Practice Love 12
2023-Apr-22 The Long Season 12
2023-Apr-24 The Love You Give Me 24
2023-May-01 The Ingenious One 36
2023-May-20 Hi Producer 36
2023-May-22 Here We Meet Again 32
2023-May-24 My Wife 24
2023-Jun-18 Stand or Fall 32
2023-Jun-21 Snow Eagle Lord 40
2023-Jun-23 Crazy Troupe 23
2023-Jun-25 Gu Dao Ba Ta Lou 26
2023-Jun-29 Twilight 40
2023-Jul-02 The Longest Promise 40
2023-Jul-05 Monsters in the Forbidden City: Secret of Time Prison 26
2023-Jun-15 Fearless Blood 18
2023-Jul-21 Who's Your Daddy? 24
2023-Jul-24 Lost You Forever (Part 1) 39
2023-Aug-11 Sweet Games 24
2023-Aug-18 Legend of the Undercover Chef 40
2023-Aug-19 The Legend of Zhuohua 40
2023-Sep-07 Parallel World 38
2023-Sep-15 Faithful 25
2023-Sep-22 Hilarious Family 24
2023-Oct-13 Ripe Town 12
2023-Oct-19 Man in the Mist 30
2023-Oct-23 Story of Qinglian 36
2023-Oct-26 The Furthest Distance 30
2023-Nov-01 Sacred Tree Has Heart 40
2023-Nov-03 There Will Be Ample Time 16
2023-Nov-06 Wonderland of Love 40
2023-Nov-16 Chase the Truth 24
2023-Nov-27 South Sea Tomb 16
2023-Nov-30 Love Me, Love My Voice 33
2023-Dec-07 Got a Crush on You 26
2023-Dec-08 Battle Through the Heaven 2 34
2023-Dec-11 The Last Immortal 40
2023-Dec-15 The Left Ear 36
2023-Dec-25 I Love You 24


Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-05 Wonderful Hand 23
2023-Jan-08 Catch Up My Prince 24
2023-Jan-12 Country Love 15 40
2023-Jan-16 A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple 24
2023-Jan-29 Wulin Heroes 22
2023-Feb-03 My Eternal Star 22
2023-Feb-10 Good Guy Good Luck 12
2023-Feb-13 Wenderella's Diary 24
2023-Feb-18 Justice in the Dark 30
2023-Feb-21 Closer To You 2 24
2023-Feb-27 The Good Time 24
2023-Mar-14 Never Give Up 30
2023-Mar-17 Marriage 24
2023-Mar-17 Route 20
2023-Mar-21 The Last Princess 35
2023-Mar-24 Lost in Baimu 28
2023-Apr-06 Till the End of the Moon 40
2023-Apr-11 Wow! Your Little Temper 23
2023-Apr-13 The Legends of Changing Destiny 43
2023-May-04 See Midsummer Night's Stars Again 24
2023-May-09 Back From the Brink 40
2023-May-30 Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love 24
2023-Jun-05 Gone with the Rain 37
2023-Jun-13 When I Fly Towards You 24
2023-Jun-14 Dominator of Martial Gods 30
2023-Jun-15 Fish Show You 18
2023-Jun-20 Hidden Love 25
2023-Jun-04 The Best Chip 24
2023-Jul-12 The Legend of Anle 39
2023-Jul-19 My Dearest 24
2023-Jul-20 The Princess and the Werewolf 30
2023-Aug-04 I Am Nobody 27
2023-Aug-10 Love Forever Young 26
2023-Aug-28 Wrong Carriage Right Groom 24
2023-Aug-30 The Brightest of Us 43
2023-Aug-31 Dear Mr. Recluse 24
2023-Sep-12 Just Dance 24
2023-Sep-12 South Wind Knows 39
2023-Sep-30 Embrace Love 20
2023-Oct-13 Scent of Time 30
2023-Oct-19 Man in the Mist 30
2023-Oct-23 Blooming 30
2023-Nov-01 Sacred Tree Has Heart 40
2023-Nov-17 Burning Years 30
2023-Dec-14 Derailment 30
2023-Dec-15 The Left Ear 36
2023-Dec-26 The Forensic Examiner Song Ci 25
2023-Dec-29 You'll Never Walk Alone 28

Sohu TV

Premiere Title Episodes
2023-Jan-05 Ye Cheng Fu 16
2023-Mar-02 Green Plum 12
2023-Apr-20 Love of Replica 20
2023-May-20 The Girls' Lies 50


Premiere Title Episodes Network
2023-Jan-01 Wo Jia Zhu Zai Gao Gang Shang 12 Chongqing Channel
2023-Feb-01 Anti-Corruption Storm 40 STV
2023-Feb-12 Ai De Pin Ge 49 STV
2023-Feb-20 Qing Chun Xiu Lian Zhan 12 LeTV
2023-Mar-13 Tian Xia Zheng Dao 50 Fun TV
2023-Mar-19 The Justice 43 STV
2023-Mar-21 Butterfly Shadow 40 LeTV
2023-Apr-09 Ku Er Ban Da Shu He Ta De Zi Sun Men 36 Anhui TV
2023-Apr-13 Ju Hua Zui 30 LeTV, Migu Video
2023-Apr-27 Ba Shi Ba Jia Fang Ke 31 LeTV, Migu TV
2023-May-10 Zhao Hao Nan Ren Jia Le Ba 30 Hefei Channel
2023-May-17 On the Nan Ni Wan Frontier 45 LeTV
2023-Jun-08 Da San Nv Sheng 30 Shenyang News Channel
2023-Jun-14 Cui Huo Dan Xin 38 Guangdong TV
2023-Jun-22 An Ancient Love Song 22 Bilibili
2023-Jun-28 Come On Brothers 35 PPTV
2023-Jul-07 Stay With Me 24 GagaOOLala
2023-Sep-09 Lian Shi Chuan Qi 30 LeTV
2023-Aug-25 The Son of Hero 48 LTV
2023-Aug-31 Song Wen Shen 30 PPTV
2023-Sep-29 The Future Handbook 7 Bilibili
2023-Oct-12 Angry Photographer 30 LeTV
2023-Nov-03 Shen Tan Jiao Shou 20 LeTV, PPTV
2023-Nov-15 Lao Da Fu Xiao Da Fu 40 Anhui TV
2023-Dec-15 My Dearest Friends 14 Bilibili
2023-Dec-27 Castle in the Time 38 LalaTV
2023-Dec-25 Nan Zhao Wang 30 LeTV

Historical/Republican dramas

CDrama -- Chinese TV Series
Wei and Jin Dynasties  Madame Xian
Sui Tang Dynasty  Gone with the RainWeaving a Tale of Love 2Nan Zhao Wang
Yuan Song Dynasty  Young Blood 2The Forensic Examiner Song Ci
Ming Dynasty  Under the Microscope‎  Tian Xia Zheng Dao  Pledge of AllegianceRipe TownThe Mutations
Wuxia  Wulin Heroes  The Ingenious One  Mysterious Lotus Casebook‎  Love Forever Young  Legend of the Undercover Chef  My Journey to YouTiger and CraneA Journey to Love
Xianxia/Fantasy (Xuanhuan)  The Journey of Chongzi  The Starry Love  Till the End of the Moon  Back From the Brink  Beauty of Resilience  Dominator of Martial Gods  Snow Eagle Lord  Divine Destiny  The Longest Promise  Love You Seven TimesBattle Through the Heaven 2The Last Immortal
Mythology  The Legends of Changing Destiny  Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox  Lost You ForeverSacred Tree Has Heart
Fictional History  Choice Husband  A League of Nobleman  Warm on a Cold Night  Royal Rumours  Romance of a Twin Flower  Miss Chun is a Litigator  The Trust  Destined  An Ancient Love Song  The Legend of Anle  The Princess and the Werewolf  The Legend of Zhuohua  Wrong Carriage Right Groom  FaithfulScent of TimeRomance on the FarmStory of QinglianWonderland of LoveStory of Kunning PalaceSpecial Lady
Republican (Idol)  Wonderful Hand  Insect Totem  A Portrait of Jianghu: Reincarnated Disciple  The Last PrincessBlossoms Shanghai
Others  Ye Cheng Fu  My Uncanny Destiny  Catch Up My Prince  Hello There  Fairyland Romance  Love is Written in the Stars  Wanru's Journey  Egg and Stone  Be With You  Love Is An Accident  Hilarious FamilyThe Inextricable Destiny

'Dramas aired in China
by Year