List of Dramas aired in Korea by KBS2

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  • Only timeslots that are usually used to air first-time airing locally produced dramas are listed. List sorted by timeslot, then date.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

KBS2 Monday to Friday (9:00 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Lady Cha Dal Rae's Lover 2018-Sep-03 2019-Jan-18
Waves, Waves 2018-Feb-12 2018-Aug-31
Dal Soon's Spring 2017-Aug-14 2018-Feb-09
Sea of the Woman 2017-Feb-27 2017-Aug-11
That Sun in the Sky 2016-Sep-07 2017-Feb-24
My Mind's Flower Rain 2016-Feb-29 2016-Sep-06
The Stars Are Shining 2015-Aug-31 2016-Feb-26
In Still Green Days 2015-Mar-02 2015-Aug-28
Abiding Love Dandelion 2014-Aug-25 2015-Feb-27
Gold Land 2014-Jan-06 2014-Aug-22
Eun Hee 2013-Jun-24 2014-Jan-03
Samsaengi 2013-Jan-07 2013-Jun-21
Love, My Love 2012-May-07 2013-Jan-04
Dear My Sister 2011-Nov-07 2012-May-04
KBS TV Novel switch from KBS1 to KBS2

KBS2 Monday to Saturday (9:00 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Sweet Palpitations 2011-May-02 2011-Nov-05
I'm Glad I Loved You 2010-Oct-25 2011-Apr-30
Mom is Pretty Too 2010-Apr-05 2010-Oct-23
I'll Give You Everything 2009-Oct-12 2010-Apr-03
The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon 2009-Apr-20 2009-Oct-10
Wife and Woman 2008-Oct-20 2009-Apr-18
You Are Very Good 2008-Apr-21 2008-Oct-18
The Innocent Woman 2007-Oct-01 2008-Apr-19
Its Ok Because I Love You 2007-May-21 2007-Sep-29
Here Comes Ajumma 2006-Nov-13 2007-May-19
A Woman's Choice 2006-May-01 2006-Nov-11
Don't Worry 2005-Oct-31 2006-Apr-29
Dangerous Love 2005-May-09 2005-Oct-29
Forgiveness 2004-Nov-01 2005-May-07
Beautiful Temptation 2004-Apr-19 2004-Oct-30
Not Divorced 2003-Oct-13 2004-Apr-17
Rose Fence 2003-Jun-02 2003-Oct-01
Girl School 2002-Dec-09 2003-May-31
Saxophone 2002-Jun-03 2002-Dec-07
Sidestreet People 2002-Jan-14 2002-Jun-02
I Like Dong Suh 2001-Aug-27 2002-Jan-12
On the Flowerbed (꽃밭에서) 2001-Feb-19 2001-Aug-25
Clear Skies Tomorrow (내일은 맑음) 2000-Oct-02 2001-Feb-17
Song Hwa (송화) 2000-Apr-10 2000-Sep-30
Encounter (만남) 1999-Oct-18 2000-Apr-08
Because I Love You, I'm Sorry (사랑해서 미안해) 1998-Oct-26 1998-Dec-26
Like Wind, Like Waves (바람처럼 파도처럼) 1998-Jun-29 1998-Oct-24
Married 7 Years (결혼 7년) 1998-Feb-01 1998-Jun-27
Bridal Room (신부의 방) 1997-Jul-07 1998-Jan-31
Where Women Dwell (여자는 어디에 머무는가) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Jul-05
Temptation (유혹) 1996-Oct-14 1997-Mar-01
Morning in Paris Park (파리공원의 아침) 1996-Jun-10 1996-Oct-12
When a Woman Loves (여자가 사랑할 때) 1996-Mar-04 1996-Jun-08
Wind Blowing in the Window (창 밖에 부는 바람) 1994-Jul-18 1994-Nov-12
그대 있음에 1994-Feb-28 1994-Jul-16
Love and Farewell (사랑, 그리고 이별) 1993-Nov-01 1994-Feb-26

KBS2 Monday to Friday Evening

Title Start Date End Date
6:50 PM / 7:45 PM
Scandal 2024-Jun-17 2024-???-??
The Two Sisters 2024-Jan-22 2024-Jun-14
The Elegant Empire 2023-Aug-07 2024-Jan-19
Woman in a Veil 2023-Mar-14 2023-Aug-04
Vengeance of the Bride 2022-Oct-10 2023-Mar-09
Gold Mask 2022-May-23 2022-Oct-07
Love Twist 2021-Dec-13 2022-May-20
Red Shoes 2021-Jul-05 2021-Dec-10
Miss Monte-Cristo 2021-Feb-15 2021-Jul-02
Man in a Veil 2020-Sep-07 2021-Feb-10
Fatal Promise 2020-Mar-30 2020-Aug-28
Gracious Revenge 2019-Nov-04 2020-Mar-27
A Place in the Sun 2019-Jun-03 2019-Nov-01
Left-Handed Wife 2019-Jan-02 2019-May-31
Love to the End 2018-Jul-23 2018-Dec-31
Mysterious Personal Shopper 2018-Feb-26 2018-Jul-20
The Secret of My Love 2017-Sep-18 2018-Feb-09
Nameless Woman 2017-Apr-24 2017-Sep-15
First Love Again 2016-Nov-28 2017-Apr-21
Women's Secret 2016-Jun-27 2016-Nov-25
Heaven's Promise 2016-Feb-01 2016-Jun-24
All is Well 2015-Aug-31 2016-Jan-29
Love on a Rooftop 2015-Apr-06 2015-Aug-26
Love & Secret 2014-Nov-11 2015-Apr-03
Two Mothers 2014-Jun-03 2014-Nov-07
Angel's Revenge 2014-Jan-06 2014-Jun-02
Ruby Ring 2013-Aug-19 2014-Jan-03
Pure Love 2013-Feb-18 2013-Aug-16
Shut Up Family 2012-Aug-13 2013-Feb-06
I Need a Fairy 2012-Feb-27 2012-Jul-27
Returned Earthen Bowl 2008-Jun-02 2008-Oct-30
Unstoppable Marriage 2007-Nov-05 2008-May-30

KBS1 Monday to Friday Night (8:25 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
8:25 PM on KBS1
Suji & Uri 2024-Mar-25 2024-???-??
Unpredictable Family 2023-Sep-18 2024-Mar-22
Apple of My Eye 2023-Mar-27 2023-Sep-15
The Love in Your Eyes 2022-Oct-03 2023-Mar-24
Bravo, My Life 2022-Apr-11 2022-Sep-30
The All-Round Wife 2021-Oct-04 2022-Apr-08
Be My Dream Family 2021-Mar-29 2021-Oct-01
No Matter What 2020-Oct-12 2021-Mar-26
Brilliant Heritage 2020-Apr-20 2020-Oct-09
Unasked Family 2019-Oct-28 2020-Apr-17
Home for Summer 2019-Apr-29 2019-Oct-25
It's My Life 2018-Nov-05 2019-Apr-26
Sunny Again Tomorrow 2018-May-07 2018-Nov-02
Love Returns 2017-Nov-13 2018-May-04
The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed 2017-May-29 2017-Nov-10
The Shining Eun Soo 2016-Nov-28 2017-May-26
Strange Family 2016-May-02 2016-Nov-25
My Home's Honey Jar 2015-Nov-02 2016-Apr-29
Save the Family 2015-May-11 2015-Oct-30
You Are the Only One 2014-Nov-24 2015-May-08
My Dear Cat 2014-Jun-09 2014-Nov-21
Melody of Love 2013-Nov-04 2014-Jun-06
A Tale of Two Sisters 2013-Apr-29 2013-Nov-01
Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! 2012-Nov-05 2013-Apr-26
I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon 2012-May-07 2012-Nov-02
Just You 2011-Nov-07 2012-May-04
The Women of Our Home 2011-May-16 2011-Nov-04
Smile, Dong Hae 2010-Oct-04 2011-May-13
A Good Day for the Wind to Blow 2010-Feb-01 2010-Oct-01
Everybody Cha Cha Cha 2009-Jun-29 2010-Jan-29
The Road Home 2009-Jan-12 2009-Jun-26
You Are My Destiny 2008-May-05 2009-Jan-09
I Hate You, But It's Fine 2007-Sep-03 2008-May-02
By Land and Sky 2007-Jan-15 2007-Aug-31
Pure 19 2006-May-22 2007-Jan-12
The Bizarre Bunch 2005-Sep-26 2006-May-19
My Sweetheart My Darling 2005-Feb-14 2005-Sep-23
My Lovely Family 2004-Jun-07 2005-Feb-11
One Million Roses 2003-Oct-06 2004-Jun-04
Yellow Handkerchief 2003-Feb-03 2003-Oct-03
To Be With You 2002-Jul-01 2003-Jan-31
This is Love 2001-Oct-29 2002-Jun-28
Tender Hearts 2001-Feb-05 2001-Oct-26
More Than Words Can Say 2000-May-01 2001-Feb-02
Rising Sun, Rising Moon 1999-Oct-18 2000-Apr-28
People's House 1999-Apr-05 1999-Oct-15
My Love By My Side 1998-Aug-31 1999-Apr-02
Series switch from KBS2 to KBS1
Title Start Date End Date
8:25 PM on KBS2
Series switch from KBS2 to KBS1
As We Live Our Lives 1998-Mar-16 1998-Aug-28
Because I Really 1997-Mar-03 1998-Mar-13
Until We Can Love 1996-Apr-01 1997-Feb-28
Blowing of the Wind 1995-Apr-03 1996-Mar-29

Title Start Date End Date
9:20 PM / 9:25 PM
Look Back With a Smile 2006-Jul-03 2006-Nov-17
Can We Refill the Love? 2005-Nov-07 2006-Jun-05
Old Miss Diary 2004-Nov-22 2005-Nov-05
Dog Sitter (홀이냐 짝이냐) 2004-May-17 2004-Nov-19
Go Mom Go! 2003-Jun-09 2004-May-14
Hello! Balbari 2003-Jan-12 2002-Jun-06
Let's Get Married 2002-Jul-15 2002-Dec-27
Why Women 2001-Nov-07 2002-Jul-12

KBS2 Monday & Tuesday (9:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Dare to Love Me 2024-May-13 2024-Jul-02
Nothing Uncovered 2024-Mar-18 2024-May -07
Love Song for Illusion 2024-Jan-02 2024-Feb-26
The Matchmakers 2023-Oct-30 2023-Dec-25
My Lovely Boxer 2023-Aug-21 2023-Oct-02
Heartbeat 2023-Jun-26 2023-Aug-15
My Perfect Stranger 2023-May-01 2023-Jun-20
Oasis 2023-Mar-06 2023-Apr-25
Brain Works 2023-Jan-02 2023-Feb-28
Curtain Call 2022-Oct-31 2022-Dec-27
The Law Cafe 2022-Sep-05 2022-Oct-25
Café Minamdang 2022-Jun-27 2022-Aug-23
Bloody Heart 2022-May-02 2022-Jun-21
Crazy Love 2022-Mar-07 2022-Apr-26
Moonshine 2021-Dec-20 2022-Feb-22
The King's Affection 2021-Oct-11 2021-Dec-14
Police University 2021-Aug-09 2021-Oct-05
At a Distance, Spring Is Green 2021-Jun-14 2021-Jul-20
Youth of May 2021-May-03 2021-Jun-08
River Where the Moon Rises 2021-Feb-15 2021-Apr-20
Royal Secret Agent 2020-Dec-21 2021-Feb-09
Zombie Detective 2020-Sep-21 2020-Oct-27
Men Are Men 2020-Jul-06 2020-Sep-01
Born Again 2020-Apr-20 2020-Jun-09
How to Buy a Friend 2020-Apr-06 2020-Apr-14
The Tale of Nokdu 2019-Sep-30 2019-Nov-25
I Wanna Hear Your Song 2019-Aug-05 2019-Sep-24
Perfume 2019-Jun-03 2019-Jul-23
My Fellow Citizens 2019-Apr-01 2019-May-28
Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2 2019-Jan-07 2019-Mar-26
Just Dance 2018-Dec-03 2018-Dec-25
Matrimonial Chaos 2018-Oct-08 2018-Nov-27
Lovely Horribly 2018-Aug-13 2018-Oct-02
Are You Human Too? 2018-Jun-04 2018-Aug-07
The Miracle We Met 2018-Apr-02 2018-May-29
Radio Romance 2018-Jan-29 2018-Mar-20
Jugglers 2017-Dec-04 2018-Jan-23
Witch's Court 2017-Oct-09 2017-Nov-28
Girls' Generation 1979 2017-Sep-11 2017-Oct-03
School 2017 2017-Jul-17 2017-Sep-05
Fight for My Way 2017-May-22 2017-Jul-11
Individualist Ms. Ji Young 2017-May-08 2017-May-09
Perfect Wife 2017-Feb-27 2017-May-02
Hwarang: The Beginning 2016-Dec-19 2017-Feb-21
The Man Living in Our House 2016-Oct-24 2016-Dec-13
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 2016-Aug-22 2016-Oct-18
Beautiful Mind 2016-Jun-20 2016-Aug-02
Baek Hee Has Returned 2016-Jun-06 2016-Jun-14
Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2016-Mar-28 2016-May-31
Babysitter 2016-Mar-14 2016-Mar-22
Moorim School 2016-Jan-11 2016-Mar-08
Oh My Venus 2015-Nov-16 2016-Jan-05
Sassy, Go Go 2015-Oct-05 2015-Nov-24
The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law 2015-Aug-17 2015-Sep-22
I Remember You 2015-Jun-22 2015-Aug-11
Who Are You - School 2015 2015-Apr-27 2015-Jun-16
Blood 2015-Feb-16 2015-Apr-21
Healer 2014-Dec-08 2015-Feb-10
Nae Il's Cantabile 2014-Oct-13 2014-Dec-02
Discovery of Love 2014-Aug-18 2014-Oct-07
Trot Lovers 2014-Jun-23 2014-Aug-12
Big Man 2014-Apr-28 2014-Jun-17
Beyond the Clouds 2014-Feb-17 2014-Apr-08
Prime Minister & I 2013-Dec-09 2014-Feb-04
Marry Him If You Dare 2013-Oct-14 2013-Dec-03
Good Doctor 2013-Aug-05 2013-Oct-08
Shark 2013-May-27 2013-Jul-30
The Queen of Office 2013-Apr-01 2013-May-21
Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek 2013-Feb-04 2013-Mar-26
School 2013 2012-Dec-03 2013-Jan-29
Ohlala Couple 2012-Oct-01 2012-Nov-27
Haeundae Lovers 2012-Aug-06 2012-Sep-25
Big 2012-Jun-04 2012-Jul-24
Love Rain 2012-Mar-26 2012-May-29
Dream High 2 2012-Jan-30 2012-Mar-20
Brain 2011-Nov-17 2012-Jan-17
Poseidon 2011-Sep-19 2011-Nov-08
Myung Wol the Spy 2011-Jul-11 2011-Sep-06
Baby-faced Beauty 2011-May-07 2011-Jul-05
Crime Squad 2011-Mar-07 2011-Apr-26
Dream High 2011-Jan-03 2011-Feb-28
Mary Stayed Out All Night 2010-Nov-08 2010-Dec-28
Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2010-Aug-30 2010-Nov-02
Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child 2010-Jul-05 2010-Aug-24
Call of the Country 2010-May-10 2010-Jun-29
Birth of a Rich Man 2010-Mar-01 2010-May-04
God of Study 2010-Jan-04 2010-Feb-23
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang 2009-Nov-09 2009-Dec-29
The Queen Returns 2009-Sep-14 2009-Nov-03
Hometown Legends (2009) 2009-Aug-10 2009-Sep-08
The Man Who Can't Get Married 2009-Jun-15 2009-Aug-04
A Man's Story 2009-Apr-06 2009-Jun-09
Boys Over Flowers 2009-Jan-05 2009-Mar-31
The World That They Live In 2008-Oct-27 2008-Dec-16
Love Marriage 2008-Aug-25 2008-Oct-20
Strongest Chil Woo 2008-Jun-23 2008-Aug-19
Four Colours of Love 2008-Jun-09 2008-Jun-17
Powerful Opponents 2008-Apr-14 2008-Jun-03
Single Dad in Love 2008-Feb-18 2008-Apr-08
Bad Love 2007-Dec-03 2008-Feb-12
Evasive Inquiry Agency 2007-Oct-08 2007-Nov-27
I'm Sam 2007-Aug-06 2007-Oct-02
Seoul's Sad Song 2007-Jul-09 2007-Jul-31
I Came in Search of a Flower 2007-May-14 2007-Jul-03
Hello! Miss 2007-Mar-19 2007-May-08
When Spring Comes 2007-Jan-15 2007-Mar-13
The Snow Queen 2006-Nov-13 2007-Jan-08
Cloud Stairs 2006-Sep-18 2006-Nov-07
The Vineyard Man 2006-Jul-24 2006-Sep-12
Mr Goodbye 2006-May-22 2006-Jul-18
Spring Waltz 2006-Mar-06 2006-May-16
Hello, God 2006-Jan-09 2006-Feb-28
A Love to Kill 2005-Oct-31 2005-Dec-20
Wedding 2005-Aug-23 2005-Oct-25
Ice Girl 2005Jun-27 2005-Aug-16
Loveholic 2005-May-02 2005-Jun-21
18 vs. 29 2005-Mar-07 2005-Apr-26
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang 2005-Jan-03 2005-Mar-01
Sorry I Love You 2004-Nov-09 2004-Dec-28
Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young 2004Sep-13 2004-Nov-02
Nine Tailed Fox 2004-Jul-19 2004-Sep-07
Beijing My Love 2004-May-10 2004-Jul-13
Snow White 2004-Mar-15 2004-May-04
Sweet 18 2004-Jan-19 2004-Mar-09
She is Cool 2003-Nov-10 2004-Jan-13
Sang Doo, Let's Go To School 2003-Sep-13 2003-Nov-04
Summer Scent 2003-Jul-07 2003-Sep-08
Wife 2003-Jan-06 2003-Jul-01
Solitude 2002-Oct-21 2002-Dec-24
Children of Heaven 2002-Sep-09 2002-Oct-15
Loving You 2002-Jul-29 2002-Sep-03
Hard Love 2002-May-20 2002-Jul-23
Days in the Sun 2002-Mar-25 2002-May-14
Winter Sonata 2002-Jan-14 2002-Mar-19
Mina 2001-Nov-06 2001-Dec-24
Pure Heart 2001-Sep-03 2001-Oct-30
Cool 2001-Jul-09 2001-Aug-28
Life is Beautiful 2001-May-14 2001-Jul-03
Stock Flower 2001-Mar-05 2001-May-08
Pretty Lady 2001-Jan-08 2001-Feb-27
Snowflakes 2000-Nov-13 2001-Jan-02
Autumn Tale 2000-Sep-18 2000-Nov-07
RNA 2000-Jul-10 2000-Sep-05
Foolish Love 2000-Apr-24 2000-Jun-27
Look Back in Anger 2000-Feb-28 2000-Apr-18
She's the One 2000-Jan-03 2000-Feb-22
Magic Castle 1999-Nov-15 1999-Dec-28
Invitation 1999-Sep-20 1999-Nov-09
The Song of Hope 1999-Apr-19 1999-Jun-08
Angel's Kiss 1998-Dec-14 1999-Feb-09
Crush 1998-Oct-12 1998-Dec-01
Purity 1998-Aug-17 1998-Oct-05
Hometown Legends (1998 season) 1998-Jul-06 1998-Aug-11
Panther of Kilimanjaro 1998-Jun-08 1998-Jun-30
Lie 1998-Mar-30 1998-Jun-02
Barefoot Days 1998-Feb-02 1998-Mar-24
Red Azalea 1998-Jan-05 1998-Jan-27
Mr. Right 1997-Nov-17 1997-Dec-30
Passionate Love (KBS) (열애) 1997-Oct-06 1997-Nov-04
Spin (질주) 1997-Sep-01 1997-Sep-30
Star (KBS) (스타) 1997-Jul-28 1997-Aug-26
Propose 1997-Jun-09 1997-Jul-22
One Fine Spring Day (봄날은 간다) 1997-Apr-21 1997-Jun-03
Into The Storm (KBS) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Apr-15
Angel in My Heart 1997-Jan-06 1997-Feb-25
Landscaping with My Wife?? (아내가 있는 풍경) 1996-Nov-18 1996-Dec-28
Mom's Out of Town (엄마는 출장중) 1996-Oct-07 1996-Nov-12
Shooting (슈팅) 1996-Sep-02 1996-Oct-01
Yes Sir 1996-Jul-01 1996-Aug-27
Jo Gwang Jo 1996-Jan-01 1996-Jun-25
West Palace 1995-Jul-03 1995-Dec-26
Jang Nok Soo 1995-Jan-02 1995-Jun-27
Han Myung Hoe 1994-Jan-03 1994-Dec-27
January 1993-Jan-04 1993-Dec-28
Hyung (형) 1991-Nov-11 1992-Dec-29
The Three Day Promise (3일의 약속) 1991-May-13 1991-Nov-05
Country of Water (물의 나라) 1991-Feb-11 1991-May-07
Country of Fire (불의 나라) 1990-Nov-05 1991-Feb-05
Pa Chun Moo (파천무) 1990-Apr-02 1990-Oct-30
Wind, Clouds, and Rain (1989) 1989-Oct-09 1990-Mar-27

KBS2 Wednesday & Thursday (9:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Bad Prosecutor 2022-Oct-05 2022-Nov-10
If You Wish Upon Me 2022-Aug-10 2022-Sep-29
Jinxed at First 2022-Jun-15 2022-Aug-04
Love All Play 2022-Apr-20 2022-Jun-09
School 2021 2021-Nov-24 2022-Jan-13
Dali and Cocky Prince 2021-Sep-22 2021-Nov-11
Sell Your Haunted House 2021-Apr-14 2021-Jun-09
Hello, Me! 2021-Feb-17 2021-Apr-08
Cheat on Me, If You Can 2020-Dec-02 2021-Jan-28
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol 2020-Oct-07 2020-Nov-26
Memorials 2020-Jul-01 2020-Aug-20
Fix You 2020-May-06 2020-Jun-25
Meow, the Secret Boy 2020-Mar-25 2020-Apr-30
Forest 2020-Jan-29 2020-Mar-19
Woman of 9.9 Billion 2019-Dec-04 2020-Jan-23
When the Camellia Blooms 2019-Sep-18 2019-Nov-21
Justice 2019-Jul-17 2019-Sep-05
Angel's Last Mission: Love 2019-May-22 2019-Jul-11
Doctor Prisoner 2019-Mar-20 2019-May-15
Liver or Die 2019-Jan-09 2019-Mar-14
Feel Good To Die 2018-Nov-07 2018-Dec-27
The Ghost Detective 2018-Sep-05 2018-Oct-31
Your House Helper 2018-Jul-04 2018-Aug-29
Suits 2018-Apr-25 2018-Jun-14
Mystery Queen 2 2018-Feb-28 2018-Apr-19
The Black Knight 2017-Dec-06 2018-Feb-08
Mad Dog 2017-Oct-11 2017-Nov-30
Manhole 2017-Aug-09 2017-Sep-28
Queen for Seven Days‎ 2017-May-31 2017-Aug-03
Mystery Queen 2017-Apr-05 2017-May-25
Chief Kim 2017-Jan-25 2017-Mar-30
Naked Fireman 2017-Jan-12 2017-Jan-19
Oh My Geum Bi 2017-Nov-16 2017-Jan-11
On the Way to the Airport 2016-Sep-21 2016-Nov-10
Uncontrollably Fond 2016-Jul-06 2016-Sep-08
Master: God of Noodles 2016-Apr-27 2016-Jun-30
Descendants of the Sun 2016-Feb-24 2016-Apr-14
God of Trade - Innkeeper 2015 2015-Sep-23 2016-Feb-18
Assembly 2015-Jul-15 2015-Sep-17
Masked Prosecutor 2015-May-20 2015-Jul-09
Unkind Ladies 2015-Feb-25 2015-May-14
Thank You, Son 2015-Feb-11 2015-Feb-12
The King's Face 2014-Nov-19 2015-Feb-05
Blade Man 2014-Sep-10 2014-Nov-13
Gunman in Joseon 2014-Jun-25 2014-Sep-04
Golden Cross 2014-Apr-09 2014-Jun-19
Inspiring Generation 2014-Jan-15 2014-Apr-03
Bel Ami 2013-Nov-20 2014-Jan-09
Secret Love 2013-Sep-25 2013-Nov-14
Expect to Date 2013-Sep-11 2013-Sep-12
The Blade and Petal 2013-Jul-03 2013-Sep-05
Heaven's Will: The Fugitive of Joseon 2013-Apr-24 2013-Jun-27
IRIS 2 2013-Feb-13 2013-Apr-18
Jeon Woo Chi 2012-Nov-21 2013-Feb-07
No Such Thing as Nice Guys 2012-Sep-12 2012-Nov-15
Bridal Mask 2012-May-30 2012-Sep-06
The Equator Man 2012-Mar-21 2012-May-24
Wild Romance 2012-Jan-04 2012-Feb-23
Man of Honor 2011-Oct-12 2011-Dec-28
The Princess' Man 2011-Jul-20 2011-Oct-06
Romance Town 2011-May-11 2011-Jul-14
Thorn Birds 2011-Mar-02 2011-May-05
President 2010-Dec-15 2011-Feb-24
Fugitive: Plan B 2010-Sep-29 2010-Dec-08
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo 2010-Jun-09 2010-Sep-16
Cinderella's Sister 2010-Mar-31 2010-Jun-03
Chuno 2010-Jan-06 2010-Mar-25
IRIS 2009-Oct-14 2009-Dec-17
Take Care of the Young Lady 2009-Aug-19 2009-Oct-08
Partner 2009-Jun-24 2009-Aug-13
That Fool 2009-Apr-29 2009-Jun-18
Hateful But Once Again 2009-Feb-04 2009-Apr-23
Kyung Sook's Father 2009-Jan-21 2009-Jan-29
The Kingdom of the Winds 2008-Sep-04 2009-Jan-15
Hometown Legends 2008-Aug-06 2008-Sep-03
Women of the Sun 2008-May-28 2008-Jul-31
One Mom and Three Dads 2008-Apr-02 2008-May-22
Hong Gil Dong 2008-Jan-02 2008-Mar-26
In-Soon is Pretty 2007-Nov-07 2007-Dec-27
Sa Yug Shin 2007-Aug-08 2007-Nov-01
Capital Scandal 2007-Jun-06 2007-Aug-02
The Devil 2007-Mar-21 2007-May-24
Dal Ja's Spring 2007-Jan-03 2007-Mar-15
Hwang Jin Yi 2006-Oct-11 2006-Dec-28
Fugitive Lee Doo Young 2006-Sep-27 2006-Oct-04
Special Crime Investigation 2006-Sep-13 2006-Sep-21
The Invisible Man 2006-Jul-05 2006-Sep-07
Great Inheritance 2006-May-03 2006-Jun-29
Goodbye Solo 2006-Mar-01 2006-Apr-20
Golden Apple 2005-Nov-16 2006-Feb-23
My Rosy Life 2005-Aug-24 2005-Nov-10
Resurrection 2005-Jun-01 2005-Aug-18
Sea God 2004-Nov-24 2005-May-25
Second Proposal 2004-Sep-08 2004-Nov-18
Full House 2004-Jul-14 2004-Sep-02
April Kiss 2004-Apr-21 2004-Jul-08
More Beautiful Than a Flower 2004-Jan-01 2004-Apr-14
Rosemary 2003-Oct-29 2003-Dec-25
Jang Hee Bin 2002-Nov-06 2003-Oct-23
Man of the Sun, Lee Je-ma 2002-Jul-24 2002-Oct-31
Empress Myung Sung 2001-May-09 2002-Jul-18
Roll of Thunder 2000-Oct-18 2001-Apr-12
Ad Madness 1999-May-04 2000-Jan-13
When She Beckons 1997-Sep-24 1998-Feb-12
Sea of Ambition 1997-Mar-05 1997-Sep-11
A Faraway Nation 1996-Sep-18 1997-Feb-27
Hometown Legends (1996 season) 1996-Jun-26 1996-Sep-12
Color 1996-May-01 1996-June-20
Project (프로젝트) 1996-Mar-06 1996-Apr-25
Papa 1996-Jan-03 1996-Feb-29
Making Men (남자 만들기) 1995-Nov-08 1995-Nov-30
Sons of the Wind (바람의 아들) 1995-Aug-30 1995-Nov-02
The Blue Sky (창공) 1995-May-10 1995-Jun-29
Land of People (인간의 땅) 1994-Oct-12 1995-Feb-23
Feelings 1994-Jul-20 1994-Sep-08
Mudang 1994-May-25 1994-Jul-14
Police (폴리스) 1994-Jan-26 1994-Mar-24
White Maze (백색 미로) 1993-Oct-20 1993-Dec-09
Survivor's Grief (살아남은 자의 슬픔) 1993-Aug-25 1993-Oct-14
A Powerful Sword (비검) 1993-Jul-22 1993-Aug-19
Good Morning Young Dong (굿모닝 영동) 1993-Jun-02 1993-Jul-15
Joy Amidst Sadness (기쁨이면서 슬픔인 채로) 1993-Apr-07 1993-May-27
Hope (희망) 1993-Feb-10 1993-Apr-01
Red Zone (적색지대) 1992-Nov-25 1993-Feb-04
Husband's Woman (남편의 여자) 1992-Sep-23 1992-Oct-15
Black Self-Portraits (검은 자화상) 1992-Jun-24 1992-Aug-06
Man in Crisis (KBS) (위기의 남자) 1992-Apr-29 1992-Jun-18
Whale Hunting '92 (92' 고래 사냥) 1992-Mar-04 1992-Mar-26
Listening to Mozart on Wednesdays (수요일은 모짜르트를 듣는다) 1992-Feb-05 1992-Feb-27
Kyoto 25th Hour (교토 25시) 1991-Dec-04 1992-Jan-30
Asphalt My Hometown (아스팔트 내 고향) 1991-Nov-06 1991-Nov-28
Near the Valley (가까운 골짜기) 1991-Jul-10 1991-Aug-01
Tingling Fingertips (저린 손 끝) 1991-Jun-05 1991-Jul-04
The Woman Sets the Dining Table (밥상을 차리는 여자) 1991-Apr-10 1991-May-02
Thief's Wife (도둑의 아내) 1991-Mar-06 1991-Apr-04
Autumn Flowers in Winter Trees (가을꽃 겨울나무) 1991-Jan-02 1991-Jan-31
While You Were Dreaming (KBS) (그대 아직도 꿈꾸고 있는가) 1990-Oct-03 1990-Oct-25
Earthling (지구인) 1990-Jun-27 1990-Aug-16
Winter Stranger (겨울 나그네) 1990-Mar-28 1990-Jun-21
Freezing Point (1990) (빙점) 1990-Jan-03 1990-Feb-22
Endless Love (1989) (끝없는 사랑) 1989-Dec-06 1989-Dec-28
Half of a Failure (절반의 실패) 1989-Sep-13 1989-Nov-30
The Region of Calm (무풍지대) 1989-Jun-28 1989-Sep-07
The Forest Does Not Sleep (숲은 잠들지 않는다) 1989-May-03 1989-Jun-22
Wang Rung's Family (왕룽일가) 1989-Feb-08 1989-Apr-27
Whoa Hey Whoa Hey (훠어이 훠어이) 1988-Dec-07 1989-Feb-02
Punggaek (풍객) 1988-Oct-12 1988-Dec-01
The Winter That Year Was Warm (그해 겨울은 따뜻했네) 1988-Aug-03 1988-Sep-22
The Golden Tower (황금의 탑) 1988-Mar-02 1988-Jul-28

KBS2 Saturday & Sunday (~7:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Beauty and Mr. Romantic 2024-Mar-23 2024-???-??
Live Your Own Life 2023-Sep-16 2024-Mar-17
The Real Has Come! 2023-Mar-25 2023-Sep-10
Three Bold Siblings 2022-Sep-24 2023-Mar-19
It's Beautiful Now 2022-Apr-02 2022-Sep-18
Young Lady and Gentleman 2021-Sep-25 2022-Mar-27
Revolutionary Sisters 2021-Mar-13 2021-Sep-18
Homemade Love Story 2020-Sep-19 2021-Mar-07
Once Again 2020-Mar-28 2020-Sep-13
Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful 2019-Sep-28 2020-Mar-22
Mother of Mine 2019-Mar-23 2019-Sep-22
My Only One 2018-Sep-15 2019-Mar-17
Shall We Live Together 2018-Mar-17 2018-Sep-09
My Golden Life 2017-Sep-02 2018-Mar-11
Father Is Strange 2017-Mar-04 2017-Aug-27
Laurel Tree Tailors 2016-Aug-27 2017-Feb-26
Five Children 2016-Feb-20 2016-Aug-21
All About My Mom 2015-Aug-15 2016-Feb-14
The Bluebird's House 2015-Feb-21 2015-Aug-09
What Happens to My Family? 2014-Aug-16 2015-Feb-15
Wonderful Days 2014-Feb-22 2014-Aug-10
Wang's Family 2013-Aug-31 2014-Feb-16
Lee Soon Shin is the Best 2013-Mar-09 2013-Aug-25
My Daughter Seo Young 2012-Sep-15 2013-Mar-03
You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly 2012-Feb-25 2012-Sep-09
Ojakgyo Brothers 2011-Aug-06 2012-Feb-19
I Believe in Love 2011-Jan-01 2011-Jul-31
Please Marry Me 2010-Jun-19 2010-Dec-26
Three Brothers 2009-Oct-17 2010-Jun-13
The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House 2009-Apr-11 2009-Oct-11
My Precious Child 2008-Oct-04 2009-Apr-05
Mom Has Grown Horns 2008-Feb-02 2008-Sep-28
Golden Era of Daughter in Law 2007-Jul-28 2008-Jan-20
Blissful Woman 2007-Jan-06 2007-Jul-22
Famous Princesses 2006-Apr-01 2006-Dec-31
Thank You Life 2006-Jan-07 2006-Mar-26
Sad Goodbye 2005-Jun-11 2006-Jan-01
Precious Family 2004-Oct-16 2005-Jun-05
Terms of Endearment 2004-Mar-20 2004-Oct-10
Pearl Necklace 2003-Sep-20 2004-Mar-14
Bodyguard 2003-Jul-05 2003-Sep-14
On the Prairie 2003-Jan-04 2003-Jun-29
Who's My Love 2002-Mar-02 2002-Dec-29
Like Father Unlike Son 2001-Sep-15 2002-Feb-24
Orient Theatre 2001-Jun-09 2001-Sep-09
Blue Mist 2001-Mar-24 2001-May-27
The Full Sun 2000-Sep-16 2001-Mar-18
Tough Guy's Love 2000-Mar-25 2000-Sep-10
Did You Ever Love? 1999-Nov-20 2000-Mar-19
Humaneness 1999-May-09 1999-Nov-13
Paper Crane 1998-Oct-31 1999-May-02
Legend of Ambition 1998-Apr-11 1998-Oct-25
Young Lady (아씨) (ep 39-50) 1998-Feb-21 1998-Mar-29
Wedding Dress 1997-Dec-01 1998-Feb-15
A Bluebird Has It 1997-Apr-26 1997-Nov-30
First Love 1996-Sep-07 1997-Apr-20
The Bathhouse 1995-Nov-18 1996-Sep-01
A Sunny Place of the Young 1995-May-06 1995-Nov-12
Daughters of a Rich Family 1994-Sep-03 1995-Apr-30
The Lonely Man (남자는 외로워) 1994-Jan-08 1994-Aug-28
Lovers (KBS) (연인) 1993-May-01 1993-Oct-17
For the Sake of Love (사랑을 위하여) 1992-Oct-17 1993-Apr-25
Wind in the Forest (숲속의 바람) 1992-May-02 1992-Oct-11
Woman's Times (여자의 시간) 1991-Oct-26 1992-Apr-26
Years of Ambition (야망의 세월) 1990-Oct-20 1991-Oct-20
When the Flowers Bloom and the Birds Cry (꽃 피고 새 울면) 1990-May-19 1990-Oct-14
Moonlight Family 1989-Oct-14 1990-Apr-08
Fetters of Love (사랑의 굴레) 1989-Apr-22 1989-Oct-08
Eun Hye's Land (은혜의 땅) 1988-Sep-17 1989-Apr-16
Soonshim-yi (순심이) 1988-Mar-05 1988-Sep-11
Stranger (타인) 1987-Sep-05 1988-Feb-28
Terms of Endearment (애정의 조건) 1987-Mar-07 1987-Aug-30
My Heart Is Like a Star (내 마음 별과 같이) 1986-Aug-09 1987-Mar-01
Your Portrait (그대의 초상) 1986-Feb-15 1986-Aug-03
Stars on the Prairie (초원에 뜨는 별) 1985-Nov-16 1985-Sep-29
열망 1985-Jan-05 1986-Feb-09
Garden Balsam (봉선화) 1984-Jul-28 1984-Dec-30
Widow (미망인) 1984-Jan-07 1984-Jul-22
A Youth March (청춘 행진곡) 1983-Apr-02 1983-Dec-25
Thaw (해빙) 1983-Jan-08 1983-Mar-27
Soon Ae (순애) 1982-May-08 1982-Dec-25

KBS2 Friday Night (~9:00-11:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Special 2015 summer season 2015-Jul-31 2015-Aug-28
Orange Marmalade 2015-May-15 2015-Jul-24
Drama Special 2015 spring season 2015-Mar-13 2015-Apr-03
Spy 2015-Jan-09 2015-Mar-06
High School - Love On 2014-Jul-11 2014-Dec-19

KBS2 Friday Night (11:05 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Couple Clinic: Love and War 1999-Oct-22 2009-Apr-19

KBS2 Friday & Saturday Night (9:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Producer 2015-May-15 2015-Jun-20

KBS2 Friday & Saturday Night (11:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Strongest Deliveryman 2017-Jul-28 2017-???-??
The Best Hit 2017-Jun-02 2017-Jul-22

KBS2 Saturday Night (~11:15 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Special Season 1 2010-May-15 2010-Nov-27
Drama City 2005-May-07 2008-Mar-29

KBS2 Saturday Night (11:50 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Special 2015 autumn season 2015-Oct-24 2015-Nov-28

KBS2 Saturday & Sunday Night (~9:30 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Goryeo-Khitan War 2023-Nov-11 2024-Mar-10
Hot Blood 2009-Oct-10 2010-Dec-13
Empress Chun Chu 2009-Jan-03 2009-Sep-27
Dae Wang Sejong
episodes 27-76
2008-Apr-05 2008-Nov-16

KBS2 Sunday Morning (8:55 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Supermom 2007-Mar-11 2007-Aug-26
Sharp 3 2006-Mar-05 2007-Feb-25
Sharp 2 2005-Mar-06 2006-Feb-26
Sharp 1 2003-Nov-29 2005-Feb-27
Whenever the Heart Beats 2002-Apr-07 2002-Oct-27

KBS2 Sunday Morning (9:50 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
If You Only Knew 2004-Jun-06 2004-Oct-30

KBS2 Sunday Night (~11:30 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Drama Special 2016 2016-Sep-25 2016-Nov-27
Drama Special 2014 2014-Jan-26 2014-Dec-07
Drama Special 2013 2013-Nov-03 2013-Dec-08
Drama Special Series Season 3 2013-Jan-06 2013-Jul-31
Drama Special 2012 2012-Jun-03 2012-Dec-23
Drama Special Series Season 2 2011-Dec-04 2012-May-27
Drama Special 2011 2011-Jun-05 2011-Nov-27
Drama Special Series Season 1 2010-Dec-11 2011-May-29