List of Dramas aired in Korea by MBC

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  • Only timeslots that are usually used to air first-time airing locally produced dramas are listed.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.

MBC Monday to Friday/Saturday Morning

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Friday 7:50 AM
Bad Love 2019-Dec-02 2020-May-29
Everybody Say Kungdari 2019-Jul-16 2019-Nov-29
Backflow 2017-Nov-13 2018-Apr-26
Teacher Oh Soon Nam 2017-Apr-24 2017-Oct-20
Always Spring 2016-Oct-31 2017-Apr-21
Good Person 2016-May-02 2016-Oct-28
Tomorrow Victory 2015-Nov-02 2016-Apr-29
Eve's Love 2015-May-18 2015-Oct-30
Lady of the Storm 2014-Nov-03 2015-May-15
Everybody, Kimchi! 2014-Apr-07 2014-Oct-31
Hold My Hand 2013-Oct-04 2014-Apr-04
You're Great, Really! 2013-May-06 2013-Oct-04
It Was Love 2012-Oct-15 2013-May-03
An Angel's Choice 2012-Apr-02 2012-Oct-12
Dangerous Women 2011-Oct-10 2012-Mar-30
You're So Pretty 2011-Apr-04 2011-Oct-07
The Scarlet Letter 2010-Aug-09 2011-Apr-01
Pink Lipstick 2010-Jan-11 2010-Aug-06
I Can't Stop 2009-Jul-13 2010-Jan-08
White Lies 2008-Dec-01 2009-Jul-10
Don't Be Swayed 2008-Apr-14 2008-Nov-28
Even So Love 2007-Oct-01 2008-Apr-11
By My Side 2007-Mar-12 2007-Sep-28
Love Me When You Can 2006-Jul-17 2007-Mar-09
End of Love 2006-Jan-31 2006-Jul-14

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM
Sisters of the Sea 2005-Aug-01 2006-Jan-27
Pharmacist Kim's Daughters 2005-Jan-10 2005-Jul-30
Freezing Point 2004-Oct-04 2005-Jan-08
Passion 2004-Apr-26 2004-Oct-02
A Saint and a Witch 2003-Sep-22 2004-Apr-24
While You Were Dreaming 2003-Mar-02 2003-Sep-20
Golden Wagon 2002-Jul-01 2003-Mar-01
My Name is Princess 2002-Jan-21 2002-Jun-29
Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Friday ~8:25 AM
I Want to See Your Face 2001-Aug-20 2002-Jan-19
My Heart's Jewelry Box
(내 마음의 보석상자)
2001-Feb-05 2001-Aug-18
The More I Love You (사랑할수록) 2000-Aug-07 2001-Feb-03
Feels Good (느낌이 좋아) 2000-Jan-03 2000-Aug-05
Beautiful Choice (아름다운 선택) 1999-Jun-07 1999-Dec-30
For Love (사랑을 위하여) 1998-Jul-13 1999-Jun-05
The Eldest (맏이) 1998-Jan-05 1998-Jul-11
Love and Separation (사랑과 이별) 1997-Aug-04 1998-Jan-03
Don't Forget (못 잊어) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Aug-02
Women of the Road 1996-Oct-21 1997-Mar-01
The Sweet Life 1996-Apr-29 1996-Oct-19
Truth (진실) 1995-Oct-16 1996-Apr-27
Happiness 1995-Apr-17 1995-Oct-14
Oldest Sister 1994-Oct-24 1995-Apr-15
Stranger in Paradise (천국의 나그네) 1994-Apr-11 1994-Oct-15
Sisters (자매들) 1993-Oct-18 1994-Apr-09

MBC Monday to Friday Night (8:50 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law 2017-Jun-05 2017-Nov-14
Golden Pouch 2016-Nov-14 2017-Jun-01
Working Mom Parenting Daddy 2016-May-09 2016-Nov-11
Beautiful You 2015-Nov-09 2016-May-06
A Daughter Just Like You 2015-May-18 2015-Oct-30
Apgujeong Midnight Sun 2014-Oct-06 2015-May-15
Mother's Garden 2014-Mar-17 2014-Sep-18
King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang 2013-Sep-30 2014-Mar-14
Gu Am Heo Joon 2013-Mar-08 2013-Sep-27
What is Mom 2012-Nov-05 2012-Dec-05

MBC Monday to Friday Night (7:45 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
change timeslot to 8:50 PM
What is Mom 2012-Oct-09 2012-Nov-02 (timeslot change)
Standby 2012-Apr-09 2012-Oct-05
High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged 2011-Sep-19 2012-Mar-29
All My Love 2010-Nov-08 2011-Sep-06
More Charming by the Day 2010-Mar-22 2010-Nov-02
High Kick Through the Roof 2009-Sep-07 2010-Mar-19
Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun 2009-Mar-02 2009-Sep-04
That Person Is Coming 2008-Oct-06 2009-Feb-27
The Secret of Keu Keu Island 2008-Jul-21 2008-Oct-03
Queen of Ahyun 2007-Jul-16 2008-May-09
Bad Woman, Good Woman 2007-Jan-01 2007-Jul-13
How Much Love 2006-Nov-06 2006-Dec-29
Nonstop 6 (Rainbow Romance) 2005-Oct-24 2006-Nov-03
Nonstop 5 2004-Oct-04 2005-Oct-21
Nonstop 4 2003-Sep-15 2004-Oct-01
Nonstop 3 2002-Jun-18 2003-Sep-12
Nonstop 2 (New Nonstop) 2000-Jul-31 2002-May-17
Nonstop 1 2000-May-15 2000-Jul-28

MBC Monday to Friday Night (~07:15 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
The Brave Yong Soo-jung 2024-May-06 2024-???-??
Third Marriage 2023-Oct-23 2024-May-03
Meant to Be 2023-Apr-17 2023-Oct-20
Witch's Game 2022-Oct-11 2023-Apr-14
The Secret House 2022-Apr-11 2022-Oct-10
Second Husband 2021-Aug-09 2022-Apr-05
A Good Supper 2021-Jan-11 2021-Jul-02
My Wonderful Life 2020-Jun-29 2021-Jan-08
Blessing of the Sea 2019-Jan-14 2019-Jul-12
Secrets and Lies 2018-Jun-25 2019-Jan-11
Enemies from the Past 2017-Nov-27 2018-Jun-01
Return of Bok Dan Ji 2017-May-15 2017-Nov-24
Person Who Gives Happiness 2016-Nov-21 2017-May-12
Start Again 2016-May-23 2016-Nov-18
The Dearest Lady 2015-Dec-07 2016-May-20
The Great First Wives 2015-Jun-15 2015-Dec-04
Iron Lady Cha 2015-Jan-05 2015-Jun-12
Make a Wish 2014-Jun-23 2015-Jan-02
Shining Romance 2013-Dec-23 2014-Jun-20
Princess Aurora 2013-May-20 2013-Dec-20
Oh Ja Ryong is Coming 2012-Nov-19 2013-May-17
Can't Live Without You 2012-Nov-05 2012-Nov-16

MBC Monday to Friday Night (08:15 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
change timeslot to ~7:15
Can't Live Without You 2012-May-28 2012-Nov-02 (timeslot change)
Just Like Today 2011-Nov-21 2012-May-18
Indomitable Daughters-in-Law 2011-Jun-06 2011-Nov-18
I Believed in Men 2011-Feb-28 2011-Jun-03
Stormy Lovers 2010-Nov-17 2011-Feb-25
Golden Fish 2010-May-03 2010-Nov-11
Enjoy Life 2009-Oct-26 2010-Apr-30
Give Me Food 2009-May-25 2009-Oct-23
I Love You, Don't Cry 2008-Nov-17 2009-May-22
Chunja's Happy Events 2008-May-19 2008-Nov-13
Kokkiri 2008-Jan-21 2009-May-13
Kimchi Cheese Smile 2007-Jul-23 2008-Jan-18
Unstoppable High Kick 2006-Nov-06 2007-Jul-20
How Much Love 2006-Jul-03 2006-Nov-03
Love Can't Wait 2006-Jan-02 2006-Jun-30
The Youth in Bare Foot 2005-Oct-03 2005-Dec-30
Be Strong Geum Soon 2005-Feb-14 2005-Sep-30
Lotus Flower Fairy 2004-Jun-07 2005-Feb-11
Pretty Woman 2003-Nov-10 2004-Jun-04
Swan Lake 2003-Jun-30 2003-Nov-07
Miss Mermaid 2002-Jun-24 2003-Jun-27
Everyday With You 2001-Nov-05 2002-May-29
Law of Marriage 2001-Apr-23 2001-Nov-02
Foolish Princes 2001-Oct-16 2001-Apr-20
Because of You 2000-Apr-24 2000-Oct-13
Days of Delight 1999-Oct-11 2000-Apr-21
You're One-of-a-Kind (하나뿐인 당신) 1999-Apr-05 1999-Oct-08
See and See Again 1998-Mar-02 1999-Apr-02
Drop 1997-Sep-01 1998-Feb-27
The Third Man (세 번째 남자) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Aug-29
Desires (욕망) 1997-Jan-06 1997-Feb-28
Under Seoul's Sky (서울 하늘 아래) 1996-Nov-11 1996-Dec-31
Salted Mackerel 1996-Mar-04 1996-Nov-08

MBC Sunday Morning (8:55 AM)

Title Start Date End Date Air time
Sweet Buns 2004-Jul-04 2005-Jan-16 8:55 AM
People of the Water Flower Village 2004-Jan-04 2004-Jun-27 9:50 AM
One Percent of Anything 2003-Jul-06 2003-Dec-28 9:50 AM
Good News 2003-Jan-05 2003-Jun-29 8:50 / 9:50 AM starting May-04
"Oh Happy Day" Variety Show 2002-Oct-20 2003-Apr-27 9:50 AM
Love Rollercoaster 2002-Feb-03 2002-Oct-13 9:50 AM
How Should I Be? 2001-Apr-01 2002-Jan-27 9:00 AM
Say it With Your Eyes 2000-Mar-19 2001-Mar-25 9:00 AM
Love Is All I Know (사랑밖엔 난 몰라) 1998-Jan-11 2000-Mar-12 9:00 AM
One of a Pair 1994-Nov-20 1998-Jan-04 9:15 AM
Three Families Under One Roof
(한지붕 세가족)
1986-Nov-09 1994-Nov-13 11:40 / 8:15 / 9:40 AM

MBC Sunday Night

Title Start Date
Air time
End Date
Life Special Investigation Team 2008-Apr-13
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic 2008-Jan-06
Auction House 2007-Sep-30

MBC Monday & Tuesday (~9:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Kairos 2020-Oct-26 2020-Dec-22
Dinner Mate 2020-May-25 2020-Jul-14
365: Repeat the Year 2020-Mar-23 2020-Apr-28
Welcome 2 Life 2019-Aug-05 2019-Sep-24
Investigation Couple 2 2019-Jun-03 2019-Jul-29
Special Labor Inspector Jo 2019-Apr-08 2019-May-28
Item 2019-Feb-11 2019-Apr-02
Less than Evil 2018-Dec-03 2019-Jan-29
Bad Papa 2018-Oct-01 2018-Nov-27
Risky Romance 2018-Jul-23 2018-Sep-17
Investigation Couple 2018-May-14 2018-Jul-17
You Drive Me Crazy! 2018-May-07 2018-May-08
The Great Seducer 2018-Mar-12 2018-May-01
Two Cops 2017-Nov-27 2018-Jan-16
20th Century Boy and Girl 2017-Oct-09 2017-Nov-28
The King Loves 2017-Jul-17 2017-Sep-19
Lookout 2017-May-22 2017-Jul-11
Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People 2017-Jan-30 2017-May-16
Night Light 2016-Nov-21 2017-Jan-24
Woman with a Suitcase 2016-Sep-26 2016-Nov-15
Monster 2016-Mar-28 2016-Sep-20
Glamorous Temptation 2015-Oct-05 2016-Mar-22
Hwajung 2015-Apr-13 2015-Sep-29
Shine or Go Crazy 2015-Jan-19 2015-Apr-07
Pride and Prejudice 2014-Oct-27 2014-Jan-12
The Night Watchman 2014-Aug-04 2014-Oct-21
Triangle 2014-May-05 2014-Jul-29
Empress Ki 2013-Oct-28 2014-Apr-29
Goddess of Fire 2013-Jul-01 2013-Oct-22
Gu Family Book 2013-Apr-08 2013-Jun-25
The Horse Doctor 2012-Oct-01 2013-Mar-25
Golden Time 2012-Jul-09 2012-Sep-25
Lights and Shadows 2011-Nov-28 2012-Jul-03
Gye Baek 2011-Jul-25 2011-Nov-22
Miss Ripley 2011-May-30 2011-Jul-19
The Duo 2011-Feb-07 2011-May-24
Queen of Reversals 2010-Oct-18 2011-Feb-01
Dong Yi 2010-Mar-22 2010-Oct-12
Pasta 2010-Jan-04 2010-Mar-09
Queen Seon Deok 2009-May-25 2009-Dec-22
Queen of Housewives 2009-Mar-16 2009-May-19
East of Eden 2008-Aug-25 2009-Mar-10
When It's At Night 2008-Jun-23 2008-Aug-19
Yi San 2007-Sep-17 2008-Jun-16
Legend of Hyang Dan 2007-Sep-03 2007-Sep-04
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007-Jul-02 2007-Aug-27
New Wise Mother, Good Wife 2007-May-28 2007-Jun-26
H.I.T 2007-Mar-19 2007-May-22
Jumong 2006-May-15 2007-Mar-06
What Star Did You Come From 2006-Mar-13 2006-May-02
Special of My Life 2006-Feb-06 2006-Feb-28
Wolf 2006-Jan-16 2006-Jan-23
Sweet Spy 2005-Nov-07 2006-Jan-10
The Secret Lovers 2005-Aug-29 2005-Nov-01
Lawyers 2005-Jul-04 2005-Aug-23
Next 2005-May-16 2005-Jun-28
Smile Of Spring Day 2005-May-09 2005-May-10
Wonderful Life (MBC) 2005-Mar-07 2005-Apr-26
The Age of Heroes 2004-Jul-05 2005-Mar-01
Phoenix 2004-Apr-05 2004-Jun-29
Dae Jang Geum 2003-Sep-15 2004-Mar-23
Attic Cat 2003-Jun-02 2003-Jul-22
The Bean Chaff of My Life 2003-Apr-07 2003-May-27
Love Letter 2003-Feb-10 2003-Apr-01
Inspector Park Moon Soo 2002-Dec-02 2003-Feb-04
My Platoon Leader 2002-Nov-25 2002-Dec-02
I Love Hyun Jung 2002-Sep-30 2002-Nov-19
My Love Patzzi 2002-Aug-26 2002-Sep-24
Confession 2002-Jul-01 2002-Aug-20
Man in Crisis 2002-Apr-08 2002-Jun-03
Sangdo 2001-Oct-15 2002-Apr-02
Sun Hee and Jin Hee 2001-Aug-20 2001-Oct-09
Hong Guk Young 2001-Mar-26 2001-Aug-07
Housewife's Rebellion 2000-Sep-18 2001-Feb-20
Some Like It Hot 2000-Jul-10 2000-Sep-05
Huh Joon 1999-Nov-22 2000-Jun-27
Kuk Hee 1999-Sep-13 1999-Nov-16
Last War 1999-Jul-12 1999-Sep-07
The Boss 1999-Apr-05 1999-Jul-06
Springtime 1999-Mar-01 1999-Mar-30
Spring 1999-Feb-01 1999-Feb-23
When Time Flows 1999-Jan-04 1999-Jan-26
Advocate 1998-Nov-09 1998-Dec-28
Aim for Tomorrow 1998-Sep-14 1998-Nov-03
Barefoot Run 1998-Aug-17 1998-Sep-08
Memories 1998-Jun-01 1998-Aug-11
Forever Yours 1998-Apr-06 1998-May-26
Love 1998-Feb-02 1998-Mar-24
Revenge and Passion 1997-Dec-01 1998-Jan-27
Premonition 1997-Sep-29 1997-Nov-25
Dal-soo's Solo Arirang (달수의 홀로 아리랑) 1997-Sep-08 1997-Sep-09
Heroic Rebellion (영웅반란) 1997-Aug-18 1997-Sep-02
Fireworks (MBC) 1997-Jul-21 1997-Aug-12
Mountain 1997-May-12 1997-Jul-15
Wish Upon A Star 1997-Mar-10 1997-Apr-29
Medical Brothers 1997-Jan-13 1997-Mar-04
Golden Feather (황금 깃털) (Sun-Tues) 1997-Jan-05 1997-Jan-07
Seven Spoons 1996-Dec-09 1996-Dec-24
The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World 1996-Dec-02 1996-Dec-03
Splendid Holiday (화려한 휴가) 1996-Oct-28 1996-Nov-26
Lover 1996-Sep-02 1996-Oct-22
Icing / The White Love / The White Dream 1996-Jul-01 1996-Aug-27
1.5 1996-Apr-29 1996-Jun-18
Their Embrace 1996-Feb-26 1996-Apr-23
Star (MBC) 1996-Jan-08 1996-Feb-13
Love Formula (연애의 기초) 1995-Nov-06 1995-Dec-26
Woman 1995-Sep-04 1995-Oct-24
Spider 1995-Jul-31 1995-Aug-29
TV City 1995-Jun-05 1995-Jul-25
Do You Remember Love 1995-May-09 1995-May-30
Hotel (MBC) 1995-Mar-13 1995-May-02
Koreiski / Kareisky 1994-Dec-19 1995-Mar-07
Song of a Blind Bird 1994-Dec-12 1994-Dec-13
Last Lovers 1994-Oct-31 1994-Nov-29
Challenge 1994-Sep-05 1994-Oct-25
M 1994-Aug-01 1994-Aug-30
Love in Your Bosom 1994-Jun-06 1994-Jul-26
Adam's City (아담의 도시) 1994-Apr-11 1994-May-31
Bird, Bird, Blue Bird (새야 새야 파랑새야) 1994-Mar-07 1994-Mar-29
Matsu (맞수) 1994-Feb-28 1994-Mar-01
The Last Game 1994-Jan-03 1994-Feb-22
Woman's Man (여자의 남자) 1993-Nov-08 1993-Dec-28
Pilot 1993-Sep-13 1993-Nov-02
Il-Ji-Mae 1993-Aug-09 1993-Aug-31
I'm No Angel (나는 천사가 아니다) 1993-Jul-12 1993-Aug-03
Mountain Wind (산바람) 1993-May-10 1993-Jul-06
The Ways of Love (사랑의 방식) 1993-Mar-15 1993-May-04
Walking to Heaven (걸어서 하늘까지) 1993-Jan-18 1993-Mar-09
Wind in the Grass (억새 바람) 1992-Nov-23 1993-Jan-12
The Sun Shone Outside the Window (창밖에는 태양이 빛났다) 1992-Sep-14 1992-Nov-03
Two Women (두 여자) 1992-Aug-17 1992-Sep-08
Jealousy 1992-Jun-01 1992-Jul-21
Kingdom of Anger (분노의 왕국) 1992-Apr-06 1992-May-26
Haengchon Apartment (행촌 아파트) 1992-Mar-02 1992-Mar-31
Promise (약속) 1992-Jan-06 1992-Feb-25
Dongui Bogam (Mirror of Eastern Medicine) (동의보감) 1991-Nov-04 1991-Dec-17
My Heart Is a Lake (내 마음은 호수) 1991-Sep-02 1991-Oct-29
Dictionary of Happiness (행복어사전) 1991-Jul-08 1991-Aug-27
Rosy Life (장미빛 인생) 1991-May-06 1991-Jul-02
The Beginning of the End (이별의 시작) 1991-Mar-10 1991-Apr-30
Imperial Palace (고궁) 1991-Mar-04 1991-Mar-05
Winter Story (겨울 이야기) 1991-Jan-07 1991-Feb-26
Fun World (재미있는 세상) 1990-Oct-29 1990-Dec-18
The Dancing Gayageum (춤추는 가얏고) 1990-Aug-27 1990-Oct-16
Dark Sky, Dark Bird (어둔 하늘 어둔 새) 1990-Jun-18 1990-Aug-14
똠방각하 1990-Apr-16 1990-Jun-12
Perfect Love (완전한 사랑) 1990-Mar-19 1990-Apr-10
What Do Women Want (여자는 무엇으로 사는가) 1990-Feb-05 1990-Mar-13
The House with a Deep Yard (마당 깊은 집) 1990-Jan-08 1990-Jan-30
Giant (거인) 1989-Nov-20 1989-Dec-12
An Angel's Choice (천사의 선택) 1989-Sep-18 1989-Oct-10
Great Challenge (대도전) 1989-Aug-21 1989-Sep-12
Let's Go, Butterfly, to Cheongsan (나비야 청산가자) 1989-May-15 1989-Jun-06
Sleepless Tree (잠들지 않는 나무) 1989-Apr-10 1989-May-02
For the Emperor (황제를 위하여) 1989-Mar-13 1989-Apr-04
Migratory Bird (철새) 1989-Feb-13 1989-Mar-07
Winter Fog (겨울 안개) 1989-Jan-09 1989-Jan-31
Famine in the City (도시의 흉년) 1988-Nov-28 1988-Dec-20
Our Town (우리 읍내) 1988-Oct-24 1988-Nov-15
Sand Castle (모래성) 1988-Sep-12 1988-Oct-18
Dae Geom Ja (대검자) 1988-Aug-22 1988-Sep-06
The Last Idol (마지막 우상) 1988-Jul-11 1988-Aug-02
When Tomorrow Comes (내일이 오면) 1988-Jun-13 1988-Jul-05
Human Market (인간시장) 1988-May-16 1988-Jun-07
Street Musician (거리의 악사) 1988-Apr-18 1988-May-10
We Don't Know Either (그것은 우리도 모른다) 1988-Mar-07 1988-Apr-12
People from Wonmi-dong (원미동 사람들) 1988-Feb-08 1988-Feb-29
Teacher Our Teacher (선생님 우리 선생님) 1988-Jan-11 1988-Feb-02
Daughter (딸아) 1987-Dec-14 1987-Dec-22
Portrait of Life (인생화보) 1987-Nov-09 1987-Dec-08
Temptation (유혹) 1987-Oct-12 1987-Nov-03
The Last Station (퇴역전선) 1987-Sep-14 1987-Oct-06
The Country that Never Was (갈 수 없는 나라) 1987-Aug-17 1987-Aug-25
Beautiful Affair (아름다운 밀회) 1987-Aug-03 1987-Aug-11
The Last Witness (최후의 증인) 1987-Jun-01 1987-Jun-29
Tomorrow and Tomorrow (내일 또 내일) 1987-May-04 1987-May-26
Firebird (불새) 1987-Feb-02 1987-Feb-24
Namhan Mountain Castle 1986-Nov-03 1987-Jan-27
The Hoechun Gate 1986-Apr-28 1986-Oct-28
The Imjin War 1985-Oct-14 1986-Apr-15
The Wind Orchid 1985-Mar-11 1985-Oct-08
The Ume Tree in the Midst of the Snow 1984-Jan-09 1985-Feb-26
25th Hour of Ambition (야망의 25시) 1983-Mar-28 1983-Jun-14
Jang Hee Bin (MBC) (장희빈) 1981-Oct-05 1982-Mar-12

MBC Wednesday (9:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
A Good Day to Be a Dog 2023-Oct-11 2024-Jan-10

MBC Wednesday & Thursday (9:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
May I Help You? 2022-Oct-19 2022-Dec-22
On the Verge of Insanity 2021-Jun-23 2021-Aug-26
Here's My Plan 2021-May-19 2021-May-27
Oh My Ladylord 2021-Mar-24 2021-May-13
The Spies Who Loved Me 2020-Oct-21 2020-Dec-17
When I Was Most Beautiful 2020-Aug-19 2020-Oct-15
Chip In 2020-Jul-22 2020-Aug-13
She Knows Everything 2020-Jul-08 2020-Jul-16
Old School Intern 2020-May-20 2020-Jul-01
Find Me in Your Memory 2020-Mar-18 2020-May-13
The Game: Towards Zero 2020-Jan-22 2020-Mar-12
Love with Flaws 2019-Nov-27 2020-Jan-16
Extraordinary You 2019-Oct-02 2019-Nov-21
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung 2019-Jul-17 2019-Sep-26
One Spring Night 2019-May-22 2019-Jul-11
The Banker 2019-Mar-27 2019-May-16
Spring Turns to Spring 2019-Jan-23 2019-Mar-21
Children of Nobody 2018-Nov-21 2019-Jan-16
My Secret Terrius 2018-Sep-27 2018-Nov-15
Time 2018-Jul-25 2018-Sep-20
Come and Hug Me 2017-May-16 2018-Jul-19
Let's Look at the Sunset Holding Hands 2018-Mar-21 2018-May-10
I'm Not a Robot 2017-Dec-06 2018-Jan-25
Hospital Ship 2017-Aug-30 2017-Nov-02
Man Who Dies to Live 2017-Jul-19 2017-Aug-24
Ruler: Master of the Mask 2017-May-10 2017-Jul-13
Radiant Office 2017-Mar-15 2017-May-04
Missing 9 2017-Jan-18 2017-Mar-09
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 2016-Nov-16 2017-Jan-11
Shopping King Louie 2016-Sep-21 2016-Nov-10
W 2016-Jul-20 2016-Sep-14
Lucky Romance 2016-May-25 2016-Jul-14
Goodbye Mr. Black 2016-Mar-16 2016-May-19
One More Happy Ending 2016-Jan-20 2016-Mar-10
Sweet, Savage Family 2015-Nov-18 2016-Jan-14
She Was Pretty 2015-Sep-16 2015-Nov-11
Scholar Who Walks the Night 2015-Jul-08 2015-Sep-10
Warm and Cozy 2015-May-13 2015-Jul-02
Angry Mom 2015-Mar-18 2015-Mar-12
Kill Me, Heal Me 2015-Jan-07 2015-May-07
Mr. Back 2014-Nov-04 2014-Dec-25
The Spring Day of My Life 2014-Sep-10 2014-Oct-30
Fated to Love You 2014-Jul-02 2014-Sep-04
A New Leaf 2014-Apr-30 2014-Jun-26
Cunning Single Lady 2014-Feb-26 2014-Apr-24
Miss Korea 2013-Dec-18 2014-Feb-20
Medical Top Team 2013-Oct-09 2013-Dec-12
Two Weeks 2013-Aug-07 2013-Sep-28
The Queen’s Classroom 2013-Jun-12 2013-Aug-01
When a Man Loves 2013-Apr-03 2013-Jun-06
7th Grade Civil Servant 2013-Jan-23 2013-Mar-28
I Miss You 2012-Nov-07 2013-Jan-17
Ugly Cake 2012-Oct-24 2012-Oct-25
Arang and the Magistrate 2012-Aug-08 2012-Oct-18
I Do, I Do 2012-May-30 2012-Jul-19
The King 2 Hearts 2012-Mar-21 2012-May-24
The Moon That Embraces the Sun 2012-Jan-04 2012-Mar-15
Me Too, Flower! 2011-Nov-09 2011-Dec-28
Can't Lose 2011-Aug-24 2011-Oct-20
You've Fallen for Me 2011-Jun-29 2011-Aug-18
The Greatest Love 2011-May-04 2011-Jun-23
Royal Family 2011-Mar-02 2011-Apr-28
My Princess 2011-Jan-05 2011-Feb-24
Home Sweet Home 2010-Oct-27 2010-Dec-23
Mischievous Kiss 2010-Sep-01 2010-Oct-21
Road Number One 2010-Jun-23 2010-Aug-26
Running 2010-Jun-10 2010-Jun-17
I Live Without Incident 2010-May-26 2010-Jun-09
Personal Preference 2010-Mar-31 2010-May-20
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry 2010-Jan-20 2010-Mar-11
Hero 2009-Nov-18 2010-Jan-14
Heading to the Ground 2009-Sep-09 2009-Nov-04
Soul 2009-Aug-05 2009-Sep-03
Triple 2009-Jun-11 2009-Jul-30
Cinderella Man 2009-Apr-15 2009-Jun-04
The Return of Iljimae 2009-Jan-21 2009-Apr-09
General Hospital 2 2008-Nov-19 2009-Jan-15
Beethoven Virus 2008-Sep-10 2008-Nov-12
Lawyers of Korea 2008-Jul-09 2008-Sep-04
Spotlight 2008-May-14 2008-Jul-03
Our Happy Things 2008-May-07 2008-May-08
Who Are You? 2008-Mar-05 2008-May-01
New Heart 2007-Dec-12 2008-Feb-28
The Legend 2007-Sep-11 2007-Dec-05
Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007-Jul-18 2007-Sep-06
Ground Zero 2007-Jul-11 2007-Jul-12
Me Ri, Dae Gu's Battle 2007-May-16 2007-Jul-05
Thank You 2007-Mar-21 2007-May-10
Goong S 2007-Jan-10 2007-Mar-15
90 Days, Falling in Love Days 2006-Nov-15 2007-Jan-04
What's Up Fox? 2006-Sep-20 2006-Nov-09
Over the Rainbow 2006-Jul-26 2006-Sep-14
One Fine Day 2006-May-31 2006-Jul-20
Dr. Kkang 2006-Apr-05 2006-May-25
Goong 2006-Jan-11 2006-Mar-30
Young Jae Golden Days 2005-Nov-16 2006-Jan-05
Autumn Shower 2005-Sep-21 2005-Nov-10
Our Attitude to Prepare Parting 2005-Jul-27 2005-Sep-15
My Lovely Sam-Soon 2005-Jun-01 2005-Jul-21
Super Rookie 2005-Mar-23 2005-May-26
Sad Love Song 2005-Jan-05 2005-Mar-17
Tropical Nights in December 2004-Oct-27 2004-Dec-23
Ireland 2004-Sep-01 2004-Oct-21
Prince's First Love 2004-Jun-23 2004-Aug-26
The Woman Who Wants to Marry 2004-Apr-21 2004-Jun-17
Say You Love Me 2004-Feb-25 2004-Apr-14
Match Made in Heaven 2004-Jan-01 2004-Feb-19
Argon 2003-Dec-24 2003-Dec-25
Desert Spring 2003-Dec-17 2003-Dec-19
Breathless 2003-Oct-22 2003-Dec-11
Good Person 2003-Aug-27 2003-Oct-16
Women Next Door 2003-Jul-16 2003-Aug-21
Scent of a Man 2003-May-14 2003-Jul-10
Country Princess 2003-Mar-12 2003-May-08
Snowman 2003-Jan-08 2003-Mar-06
Trio 2002-Nov-06 2003-Jan-02
Remember 2002-Sep-18 2002-Oct-31
Ring Ring 2002-Sep-11 2002-Sep-12
Ruler of Your Own World 2002-Jul-03 2002-Sep-05
Romance 2002-May-08 2002-Jun-27
Present 2002-Feb-27 2002-Apr-25
Sunshine 2002-Jan-02 2002-Feb-21
Picnic 2001-Dec-26 2001-Dec-27
Man of Autumn 2001-Oct-17 2001-Dec-20
Sweet Bear 2001-Aug-22 2001-Oct-11
Four Sisters 2001-Jun-13 2001-Aug-16
Hotelier 2001-Apr-04 2001-Jun-07
Delicious Proposal 2001-Feb-07 2001-Mar-29
Golden Era 2000-Nov-29 2001-Feb-01
Air Force 2000-Nov-15 2000-Nov-16
Secret 2000-Sep-13 2000-Nov-08
Mr. Duke 2000-Jul-12 2000-Sep-07
All About Eve 2000-Apr-26 2000-Jul-06
Bad Boys 2000-Mar-01 2000-Apr-20
Honesty 2000-Jan-05 2000-Feb-24
Into the Sunlight 1999-Oct-27 1999-Dec-23
Goodbye My Love 1999-Sep-01 1999-Oct-21
Should My Tears Show 1999-Jul-07 1999-Aug-26
Did We Really Love 1999-Jan-27 1999-Jun-24
Sunflower 1998-Nov-25 1999-Jan-21
Blushing with Love 1998-Sep-16 1998-Nov-19
Living with the Enemy (적과의 동거) 1998-Aug-19 1998-Sep-10
King of the Wind (대왕의 길) 1998-Apr-15 1998-Aug-13
Six Children (육남매) 1998-Feb-04 1998-Apr-09
Legend of Heroes 1997-Oct-15 1998-Jan-22
The Reason I Live (내가 사는 이유) 1997-May-07 1997-Oct-09
Mimang /Illusionist (미망) 1996-Oct-23 1997-May-01
Sit by the River and Weep
(강가에 앉아서 울다)
1996-Oct-16 1996-Oct-17
Scent of an Apple 1996-Apr-24 1996-Oct-10
Why Not Divorce (이혼하지 않는 이유) 1996-Jan-31 1996-Apr-18
4th Republic (제4공화국) 1995-Oct-18 1996-Jan-25
Sook Hee (숙희) 1995-Apr-19 1995-Oct-12
My Son's Woman 1994-Oct-19 1995-Apr-13
Ambition 1994-Jan-05 1994-Oct-13
Stormy Season 1993-May-12 1993-Dec-30
Women's Room (여자의 방) 1992-Nov-04 1993-May-06
Ilchulbong (일출봉) 1992-Feb-12 1992-Oct-29
Eyes of Dawn 1991-Oct-07 1992-Feb-06
Magpie Daughter-in-law (까치 며느리) 1991-Jan-09 1991-Oct-03
That Woman (그 여자) 1990-May-02 1990-Dec-27
End of Love (사랑의 종말) 1990-Jan-10 1990-Apr-26
Your Toast (당신의 축배) 1989-Sep-20 1989-Dec-14
Pa Mun 1989-Jun-07 1989-Sep-14
The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong 1988-Oct-19 1989-Jun-01
Queen Inhyeon 1988-Jan-13 1988-Oct-13
The Face of a City (도시의 얼굴) 1987-Feb-25 1987-Dec-30
Winter Flower (겨울꽃) 1986-Aug-20 1987-Feb-19
First Love 1986-Jan-05 1986-Aug-14
Mom's Room (엄마의 방) 1985-Jan-09 1985-May-31
Spray (물보라) 1984-Oct-24 1984-Dec-27
Sunflower in Winter (겨울 해바라기) 1983-Nov-02 1984-Mar-22

MBC Friday & Saturday (~10:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Bitter Sweet Hell 2024-May-24 2024-Jun-29
Chief Detective 1958 2024-Apr-19 2024-May-18
Wonderful World 2024-Mar-01 2024-Apr-13
Knight Flower 2024-Jan-12 2024-Feb-17
The Story of Park's Marriage Contract 2023-Nov-24 2024-Jan-06
My Dearest (Part 2) 2023-Oct-13 2023-Nov-18
My Dearest (Part 1) 2023-Aug-04 2023-Sep-02
Numbers 2023-Jun-23 2023-Jul-29
Joseon Attorney 2023-Mar-31 2023-May-20
Kokdu: Season of Deity 2023-Jan-27 2023-Mar-??
The Forbidden Marriage 2022-Dec-09 2023-Jan-21
Fanletter Please 2022-Nov-18 2022-Nov-26
The Golden Spoon 2022-Sep-23 2022-Nov-12
Big Mouth 2022-Jul-29 2022-Sep-17
Doctor Lawyer 2022-Jun-03 2022-Jul-23
Tomorrow 2022-Apr-01 2022-May-21
Tracer 2 2022-Feb-26 2022-Mar-25
Tracer 2022-Jan-07 2022-Jan-29
The Red Sleeve 2021-Nov-12 2022-Jan-01
Moebius: The Veil 2021-Oct-29 2021-Oct-30
The Veil 2021-Sep-17 2021-Oct-23

MBC Sunday (~9:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
My Healing Love 2018-Oct-14 2019-Mar-03
Rich Family's Son 2018-Mar-25 2018-Oct-07

MBC Saturday & Sunday (~8:40 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Showtime Begins! 2022-Apr-23 2022-Jun-12
Man Who Sets the Table 2017-Sep-02 2018-Mar-18
You Are Too Much 2017-Mar-04 2017-Aug-27
Blow Breeze 2016-Aug-27 2017-Feb-26
Happy Home 2016-Feb-27 2016-Aug-21
Mom 2015-Sep-05 2016-Feb-21
Make a Woman Cry 2015-Apr-18 2015-Aug-30
Rosy Lovers 2014-Oct-18 2015-Apr-12
Come! Jang Bo Ri 2014-Apr-05 2014-Oct-12
A Little Love Never Hurts 2013-Sep-28 2014-Mar-30
I Summon You, Gold! 2013-Apr-06 2013-Sep-22
Rascal Sons 2012-Sep-22 2013-Mar-24
Soldier 2012-Feb-11 2012-Sept-15
A Thousand Kisses 2011-Aug-20 2012-Feb-05
Sparkling 2011-Feb-12 2011-Aug-14
Gloria 2010-Nov-06 2011-Jan-30

MBC Saturday & Sunday (7:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Change timeslot to ~8:40 PM
Gloria 2010-Jul-31 2010-Oct-31
Dandelion Family 2010-Jan-30 2010-Jul-25
Creating Destiny 2009-Oct-10 2010-Jan-24
Tempted Again 2009-Aug-08 2009-Sep-27
Good Job, Good Job 2009-Mar-14 2009-Aug-02
My Life's Golden Age 2008-Aug-30 2009-Mar-08
Park Jung Geum, Heavenly Beauty 2008-Feb-02 2008-Aug-03
Kimcheed Radish Cubes 2007-Aug-18 2008-Jan-27
Mun Hee 2007-Feb-24 2007-Aug-12
My Sister 2006-Aug-12 2007-Feb-18
I Really Really Like You 2006-Apr-08 2006-Aug-06
Let's Marry 2005-Oct-08 2006-Apr-02
Love Hymn 2005-May-14 2005-Oct-02
Beating Heart 2005-Apr-02 2005-May-08
Han River Ballad 2004-Oct-02 2005-Mar-27
Love is All Around / I Will Love You 2004-Jun-12 2004-Sep-19
War of the Roses 2004-Mar-20 2004-Jun-06
Merry Go Round / Carousel 2003-Aug-23 2004-Mar-14
Forever Love / Dying Love 2003-Mar-01 2003-Aug-17
The Maengs' Golden Era 2002-Oct-26 2003-Feb-23
Since We Met 2002-Apr-28 2002-Oct-20
Fox and Cotton Candy 2001-Oct-27 2002-Apr-27
Her House 2001-Apr-28 2001-Oct-21
Mothers and Sisters 2000-Nov-04 2001-Apr-22
More Than Love 2000-May-06 2000-Oct-29
You Don't Know My Mind 1999-Nov-06 2000-Apr-30
Loving You (MBC) 1999-Sep-11 1999-Oct-31
Roses and Bean Sprouts / Inlaw's War 1999-Mar-13 1999-Sep-05
Love and Success 1998-Sep-19 1999-Mar-07
Should Have a Good Heart / Heart of Lies 1998-May-02 1998-Sep-13
You and I 1997-Oct-11 1998-Apr-26
Yesterday 1997-Jul-19 1997-Oct-05
Cinderella / Love and Jealousy 1997-Apr-26 1997-Jul-13
Power of Love (MBC) 1996-Dec-07 1997-Apr-20
Open Your Heart 1996-Sep-07 1996-Nov-24
Dangerous Love (MBC) 1996-Aug-03 1996-Sep-01
Same Period / The Motive / Sibling Relations (동기간) 1996-Apr-27 1996-Jul-28
Apartment 1995-Oct-21 1996-Apr-21
Love and Marriage (MBC) 1995-Apr-22 1995-Oct-15
Shoal (여울목) 1994-Oct-22 1995-Apr-16
The Moon of Seoul 1994-Jan-08 1994-Oct-16
Mother's Sea 1993-May-15 1993-Dec-26
Sons and Daughters / The Son and Daughter 1992-Oct-03 1993-May-09
Rainbow in Mapo (마포 무지개) 1992-Jun-06 1992-Sep-27
What's Love / What is Love? 1991-Nov-23 1992-May-31
Beyond the Mountains (산너머 저쪽) 1991-May-11 1991-Nov-17
Humble Men (고개숙인 남자) 1991-Jan-05 1991-May-05
Mongshil (몽실언니) 1990-Sep-01 1990-Dec-30
Betrayal of the Rose (배반의 장미) 1990-Jan-06 1990-Aug-26
Happy Woman (행복한 여자) 1989-Jul-08 1989-Dec-24
Legacy (유산) 1989-Mar-04 1989-Jul-02
Forget Tomorrow (내일 잊으리) 1988-Jul-30 1989-Feb-26
Three Women (세 여인) 1988-Jan-09 1988-Jul-24
Love and Ambition 1987-Jan-10 1987-Dec-27
Dew on Every Blade of Grass
(풀잎마다 이슬)
1986-Jul-05 1986-Dec-14
The Season of Men (남자의 계절) 1985-Oct-19 1986-Jun-29
That's Right, You Bet
(아무렴 그렇지, 그렇고 말고)
1985-May-04 1985-Oct-13
Love and Truth (사랑과 진실) 1984-May-12 1985-Apr-28
Father and Son (MBC) (아버지와 아들) 1983-Oct-29 1984-Mar-25
The Stars Are My Stars
(저 별은 나의 별)
1983-Jul-02 1983-Oct-23
Your Portrait (당신의 초상) 1983-Apr-09 1983-Jun-26
Cannot Forget (못 잊어) 1982-Oct-23 1983-Apr-03
Regret (미련) 1982-Jul-17 1982-Oct-17
Confession (고백) 1982-Mar-06 1982-Jul-11
Nocturne (야상곡) 1981-Dec-19 1982-Feb-21
Dad's Beard (아빠의 수염) 1981-Oct-10 1981-Dec-06
Angry Eyes (성난 눈동자) 1981-Jul-18 1981-Oct-04
Hello (안녕하세요) 1981-Jan-10 1981-Jul-12
Daughter (딸) 1980-Sep-06 1981-Jan-04
Endpoint (종점) 1980-Mar-29 1980-Aug-31

MBC Saturday (~9:00 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Never Twice 2019-Nov-02 2020-Mar-07
Golden Garden 2019-Jul-20 2019-Oct-26
Different Dreams 2018-May-04 2019-Jul-13
Love in Sadness 2018-Feb-23 2019-Apr-27
A Pledge to God 2018-Nov-24 2019-Feb-16
Hide and Seek 2018-Aug-25 2018-Nov-17
Parting Left 2018-May-26 2018-Aug-04
My Husband Oh Jak Doo 2018-Mar-03 2018-May-19
Money Flower 2017-Nov-11 2018-Feb-03

MBC Saturday & Sunday (~9:45 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Bad Thief, Good Thief 2017-May-13 2017-Nov-05
Father, I'll Take Care of You 2016-Nov-12 2017-May-07
The Flower in Prison 2016-Apr-30 2016-Nov-06
Marriage Contract 2016-Mar-05 2016-Apr-24
My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol 2015-Sep-05 2016-Feb-28
Flower of the Queen 2015-Mar-14 2015-Aug-30
The Legend of the Witch 2014-Oct-25 2015-Mar-08
Mama 2014-Aug-02 2014-Oct-19
Hotel King 2013-Apr-05 2014-Jul-27
Gold Rainbow 2013-Nov-02 2014-Mar-30
Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident 2013-Jun-29 2013-Oct-27
Hundred Year Inheritance 2013-Jan-05 2013-Jun-23
May Queen 2012-Aug-18 2012-Dec-23
Dr. Jin 2012-May-26 2012-Aug-12
Feast of the Gods 2012-Feb-04 2012-May-20
Hooray for Love 2011-Jul-16 2012-Jan-29
Can You Hear My Heart 2011-Apr-02 2011-Jul-10
Flames of Ambition 2010-Oct-02 2011-Mar-27
Kim Soo Ro 2010-May-29 2010-Sep-18
A Man Called God 2010-Mar-06 2010-May-23
Doenjang-gun and Natto-jjang's Marriage War 2010-Feb-27 2010-Feb-28
Assorted Gems 2009-Sep-05
Friend, Our Legend 2009-Jun-27
2009 Alien Baseball Team 2009-May-02 2009-Jun-21
My Woman 2008-Jul-26
Bittersweet Life 2008-May-03
Last Scandal 2008-Mar-08
Winter Bird 2007-Sep-15 2008-Mar-02
9 End 2 Outs 2007-Jul-14 2007-Sep-09
Air City 2007-May-19 2007-Jul-08
Que Sera, Sera 2007-Mar-17 2007-May-13
White Tower 2007-Jan-06 2007-Mar-11
Miracle 2006-Dec-09 2006-Dec-17
Couple of Fantasy 2006-Oct-14 2006-Dec-03
Outrageous Women 2006-Jul-29 2006-Sep-24
Looking For Dorothy 2006-Jul-15 2006-Jul-23
Exhibition of Fireworks 2006-May-13 2006-Jul-09
Shin Don 2005-Sep-24 2006-May-07
5th Republic 2005-Apr-23 2005-Sep-11
War and Love (전쟁과 사랑) 1995-Oct-21 1996-Jan-14