List of Dramas aired in Korea by Network in 2008

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List of Dramas aired or airing in Korea by Network in 2008.

  • Only drama timeslots that are usually used to air first-time airing locally produced dramas are listed.
  • First airing local dramas not airing in any of the above timeslots are placed in Other dates and times in their respective network.
  • Currently airing TV Shows are highlighted.



KBS1 Weekdays 20:25

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Sep-03 2008-May-02 I Hate You, But It's Fine
미우나 고우나
2008-May-05 2009-Jan-09 You Are My Destiny
너는 내 운명

KBS1 Sat & Sun 21:30

Start Date End Date Title
2008-Jan-05 2008-Nov-16 Daewang Sejong
대왕 세종 (大王世宗)


KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Dec-03 2008-Feb-12 Bad Love
못된 사랑
2008-Feb-18 2008-Apr-08 Single Dad in Love
싱글파파는 열애중
2008-Apr-14 2008-Jun-03 Powerful Opponents
2008-Jun-09 2008-Jun-17 Four Colours of Love
살아가는 동안 후회할 줄 알면서 저지르는 일
2008-Jun-17 2008-Aug-19 Strongest Chil Woo
2008-Aug-25 2008-Oct-20 Love Marriage
2008-Oct-27 2008-Dec-16 The World That They Live In
그들이 사는 세상

KBS2 Wed & Thu 21:55

Start Date End Date Title
2008-Jan-02 2008-Mar-26 Hong Gil Dong
2008-Apr-02 2008-May-22 One Mom and Three Dads
아빠셋 엄마하나
2008-May-28 2008-Jul-31 Women of the Sun
태양의 여자
2008-Aug-06 2008-Sep-03 Hometown Legends
2008-Sep-10 2009-Jan-15 The Kingdom of the Winds
바람의 나라

KBS2 Sat & Sun 19:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Jul-28 2008-Jan-20 Golden Era of Daughter in Law
며느리 전성시대
2008-Feb-02 2008-Sep-28 Mom Has Grown Horns
엄마가 뿔났다
2008-Oct-04 2009-Apr-05 My Precious Child
내사랑 금지옥엽


MBC Mon & Tue 21:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Sep-17 2008-Jun-17 Yi San
2008-Jun-23 2008-Aug-19 When It's At Night
밤이면 밤마다
2008-Aug-25 2009-Mar-10 East of Eden

MBC Wed & Thu 21:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Dec-12 2008-Feb-28 New Heart
2008-Mar-05 2008-May-01 Who Are You?
2008-May-07 2008-May-08 Our Happy Things
우리들의 해피엔딩
2008-May-14 2008-Jul-03 Spotlight
2008-Jul-09 2008-Sep-04 The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea
대~한민국 변호사
2008-Sep-10 2008-Nov-13 Beethoven Virus
베토벤 바이러스
2008-Nov-19 2009-Jan-15 General Hospital 2
종합병원 2

MBC Weekdays 19:45

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Jul-16 2008-May-09 Queen of Ahyun
아현동 마님
2008-May-19 2008-Nov-14 Chunja's Happy Events
춘자네 경사났네
2008-Nov-17 2009-May-22 I Love You, Don't Cry
사랑해, 울지마

MBC Sat & Sun 19:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Aug-18 2008-Jan-27 Kimcheed Radish Cubes
2008-Feb-02 2008-Aug-03 Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum
천하일색 박정금
2008-Aug-30 2009-Mar-08 My Life's Golden Age
내 인생의 황금기

MBC Sat & Sun 21:40

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Sep-15 2008-Mar-02 Winter Bird
2008-Mar-08 2008-Apr-27 Last Scandal
마지막 스캔들
2008-May-03 2008-Jul-20 Bittersweet Life
달콤한 인생
2008-Jul-26 2008-Nov-08 My Woman

MBC Sun 23:40

Start Date End Date Title
2008-Jan-06 2008-Mar-30 Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic
비포 & 애프터 성형외과
2008-Apr-13 2008-Jun-29 Life Special Investigation Team
라이프 생명 특별조사팀


SBS Mon & Tue 21:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Aug-27 2008-Apr-01 The King and I
왕과 나
2008-Apr-07 2008-May-27 I Love You
2008-Jun-02 2008-Jun-10 Tokyo Shower
도쿄 여우비
2008-Jun-17 2008-Sep-09 Gourmet
2008-Sep-16 2008-Nov-24 Tazza
2008-Dec-01 2009-Feb-17 Terroir

SBS Wed & Thu 21:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Jan-02 2008-Feb-27 Robber
2008-Mar-05 2008-May-15 On Air
2008-May-21 2008-Jul-24 Iljimae
2008-Jul-30 2008-Sep-18 Working Mom
워킹맘 친정맘
2008-Sep-24 2008-Dec-04 The Painter of the Wind
바람의 화원
2008-Dec-10 2009-Feb-12 Star's Lover
스타의 연인

SBS Fridays 20:55

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Nov-02 2008-Jan-25 Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son
아들찾아 삼만리
2008-Feb-01 2008-Mar-21 Bicheonmu
2008-Mar-28 2008-May-30 Why Did You Come to My House
우리집에 왜 왔니
2008-Jun-06 2008-Aug-01 My Sweet City
달콤한 나의 도시
2008-Aug-15 2008-Oct-24 The Scale of Providence
신의 저울

SBS Weekdays 19:20

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Oct-08 2008-Apr-18 That Woman is Scary
그 여자가 무서워
2008-Apr-21 2008-Oct-31 Aeja's Older Sister, Minja
2008-Nov-03 2009-May-01 Temptation of Wife
아내의 유혹

SBS Sat & Sun 20:45

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Jun-23 2008-Feb-03 Golden Bride
2008-Feb-09 2008-Aug-31 I Am Happy
2008-Sep-06 2009-Mar-01 City of Glass
유리의 성

SBS Sat & Sun 21:45

Start Date End Date Title
2007-Sep-29 2008-Oct-05 First Wives Club
조강지처 클럽
2008-Oct-11 2009-Apr-19 Family's Honor

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