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Long Love Letter
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  • Title: ロング・ラブレター
  • Title (English): Long Love Letter
  • Tagline: 漂流教室 / Drifting Classroom
  • Genre: Science fiction, human, romance
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 16.3
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2002-Jan-09 to 2002-Mar-20
  • Air time: Wednesday 21:00
  • Theme song: Loveland Island by Yamashita Tatsuro


Yuka Misaki, whose parents run a flower shop, casually begins dating college student Akio Asami, and later falls for him. But due to some type of accident, the two lose contact with one another.

One year after the accident, the two suddenly meet again. Yuka is still working at her father Shigeo's flower shop, and Akio is a teacher at a nearby high school.

It's January 7, just right after the New Year begins. Make up classes are being held for students that aren't keeping up with their daily studies. Taking the classes are the popular Tadashi Otomo, and the leader of the delinquent students, Sho Takamatsu. And giving the lecturers is Noriko Sekiya, a teacher that has taken out all kinds of loans to pay for the popular brand items that she buys.

Yuka comes to the school to collect money from Noriko. While at the school, with thoughts of the past in the back of her mind, Yuka and Akio meet, and get into a fight. Then all of a sudden, there is a small tremor, and after it subsides..

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Episode Ratings[edit]

Episode No. Date Aired Viewership
Ep01 2004-07-02 17.2 %  
Ep02 2004-07-09 17.2 %
Ep03 2004-07-16 17.1 %  
Ep04 2004-07-23 15.3 %
Ep05 2004-07-30 16.0 %  
Ep06 2004-08-06 15.9 %
Ep07 2004-08-13 16.2 %  
Ep08 2004-08-20 14.2 %
Ep09 2004-08-27 16.2 %  
Ep10 2004-09-03 16.5 %
Ep11 2004-09-10 17.9 %  
Average 16.34 %


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