Lost in the Chamber of Love

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Lost in the Chamber of Love


  • Title: 西廂奇緣 / 西厢奇缘
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Sai Seung Kei Yuen / Xi Xiang Qi Yuan
  • English title: Lost in the Chamber of Love
  • Genre: Ancient, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Feb-14 to 2005-Mar-11
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 21:00-22:00
  • Opening theme song: Wedding Dress (嫁衣裳) by Ron Ng and Myolie Wu


Scholar Cheung Kwan Shui (Ron Ng) and Hung Neung (Myolie Wu) each picks up one half of a matching jade at a lantern fair. However, they do not meet each other. At the same fair, Shui saves the Prime Minister's daughter Chui Ang Ang (Michelle Yip) from some kidnappers. The Prime Minister's wife promises to marry Ang Ang to him in order to thank him. Nevertheless, she denies her promises later and demands him to become a royal scholar before he can marry Ang Ang. He moves into the West Chamber, their guesthouse, and studies hard.

The Emperor Emperor Tong Dak Chung (Kenneth Ma) meets Ang Ang when he is traveling incognito under the name of Bun. He is shocked by her beauty and tries every way to make her fall for him. However, Ang Ang is deterred to develop further in their relationship by her engagement with Shui.

Apart from this love trangle, there is also Hung Neung, who fell in love with Shui at first sight. She and Ang Ang are best friends. She has to hide her feelings for Shui although she cares a lot about Ang Ang's decision in choosing between Bun and Shui. Meanwhile, the imperial court sets out a search for a Tibetan princess who is engaged to the emperor and has gone missing. The four young persons are at a loss when the news comes.

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