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Love & π


  • Title: 愛的3.14159 / Ai De 3.14159
  • English title: Love & π
  • Also known as: The Pi of Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 17
  • Broadcast network: TTV
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jul-21 to 2018-Nov-10
  • Air time: Saturday 22:00
  • Opening theme song: 愛你剛剛好 Ai Ni Gang Gang Hao Think of You by Ben Wu
  • Ending theme song: 最接近永恆的事情 Zui Jie Jin Yong Heng De Shi Qing The Closest Thing To Eternal by Ivy Shao
  • Insert songs:
    • 到不了的以後 Dao Bu Liao De Yi Hou The Future I'll Never Reach by Ben Wu
    • 離我遠一點 Li Wo Yuan Yi Dian Stay Away From Me by Ivy Shao
    • 粗線條 Cu Xian Tiao Thick Lines by F.E.E.L
    • 未完待續 Wei Wan Dai Xu To Be Continued by F.E.E.L
    • 當我想念你 Dang Wo Xiang Nian Ni When I Think of You by Miu Chu
    • 向前走 Xiang Qian Zou Marching Forward by Lim Giong


Zhao Wu Xian, Zhao Yuan Man, Hou Zi Cheng and Lin Mei Xin are good friends who grew up together in the same orphanage in Yun Lin. In year 2009, Wu Xian, Yuan Man and Zi Cheng went to Taipei to pursue their dreams. They will be facing some challenges on the way, how will they overcome it?

Yuan Man thinks of her relationship with Wu Xian as siblings whereas Wu Xian does not. He wants to protect Yuan Man forever and would like her to be his partner. However this journey of love is not smooth, and may even reach bottleneck. However, their “Love” will definitely follow the “Circle” (Yuan/π) and back on its path again. --Wikipedia

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