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Love Fantasy


  • Title: 有愛一家人 (有爱一家人) / You Ai Yi Chia Ren (You Ai Yi Jia Ren)
  • English title: Love Family
  • Genre: Family, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 72
  • Broadcast network: SETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-29 to 2014-Feb-10
  • Air time: Mon-Fri 20:00
  • Opening theme song: Bu Yao Wen (不要問) Don't Ask by Della Ding
  • Ending theme song: Wo Mei Zi Ge (我沒資格) I'm Not Qualified by Jia Jia 家家


Wan Sheng Ren had accepted long ago the responsibilities and the parental interference that came along with his privileged life. Yet when it came to his marriage, he insisted on marrying the "little angel" girl from his childhood. His search for the girl led him to a family-operated inn, where he realized that recognizing his first love was more difficulty than he thought. Along with his personal assistant/bodyguard, Long Shi, they went undercover at the inn as their newest seasonal employees while they tried to figure out which of the women was his "little angel": A) Older sister Xu You Ai, tenacious slave master; B) Middle sister Xu You Qing, soft-spoken single mother; C) Little sister Xu You Meng, compulsive shopaholic; or D) Best friend Zhang Yin Yin, shameless man-eater.

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