Love You Seven Times

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Love You Seven Times


  • Title: 七时吉祥 / Qi Shi Ji Xiang
  • English title: Love You Seven Times
  • Also known as: 一时冲动, 七世吉祥 / Yi Shi Chong Dong Qi Shi Ji Xiang
  • Genre: Xianxia, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 38
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2023-Aug-10 to 2023-Aug-30
  • Air time: 19:00
  • Original soundtrack: Love You Seven Times OST


The story of Xiang Yun, a fairy of the Marriage Pavilion, and Chu Kong, the powerful God of War, who were accidentally tied together by the red fate of thread during an argument, and has to experience seven lifetimes of love together.

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Main Cast

Xiang Yun: Fairy of Marriage Pavillion
Song Xiangyun: Xiang Yun's second reincarnation. Daughter of Song family
Yang Xiaoxiang: Daughter of the Master of Yu Jian Faction
Cang Hai: Monarch of Mo Luo Divine Clan and former head of the Six Realms
Chu Kong: Royal descendant of Qi Lin Divine Clan. God of War of the Six Realms
Lu Changkong: Chu Kong's second reincarnation. Son of Lu family
Chu Kong (3rd lifetime): Leader of Sheng Ling Sect

Heavenly Realm

Marriage Pavillion
Fate Bureau
Eastern Seas

Mo Luo Divine Clan

2nd Lifetime (Chen Kingdom)

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Third Lifetime

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Sheng Ling Sect

Production Credits


  • Filming period: 2022-Feb-25 to 2022-May-09
  • Part of IQiyi Love On series.

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