Love Yourself OST

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Love Yourself OST
  • Title: 他其实没有那么爱你 电视原声大碟 / Love Yourself OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Chinese
  • Release Date: 2020-Sep-03
  • Number of Tracks: 25

Disc 1

Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist Notes
1. After the Rainbow (霓虹之后) Finn.L (刘凤瑶) Ending theme song
2. I Want Your Love (我要你的爱) Victoria Song, Celina Jade, Zhang Jia Ning, Li Chun Promotional song
3. Distance of Two Meters (两公尺旅行) JessieG (龚子婕) Opening theme song
4. Don't Love (不爱) Zhou Pin (周品)
5. Don't Love (不爱) Zhou Pin (周品) Drama version
6. Distance of Two Meters (两公尺旅行) Li Hui Chao (李惠超) Piano version
7. Skylines (天际线) Tangram
8. Get Closer (紧靠) Richael (刘瑞琦)
9. If Time Has Feelings (时光若有情) Celina Jade
10. Let The World Revolve Around You (让世界为你转动) BBT

Disc 2

Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Positive Hope (积极希望) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
2. A Cheerful Day-to-Day (欢快的日常) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
3. A Lover Worthy Of Remembrance (值得怀念的爱人) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
4. An Uneasy Heart (不安的心) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
5. Hidden Pleasures (藏不住的欢乐) Lin Xian (林弦)
6. Gym (健身房) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
7. Blues (布鲁斯) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
8. Don't Love, Don't Love (不爱就不爱) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
9. Sad Clarinet (忧伤的单簧管) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
10. Beautiful And Confident You (美丽自信的你) Lin Xian (林弦)
11. Love Is Coming (爱情来临) Lin Xian (林弦)
12. Thinking About Love (爱与不爱的思考) Lin Xian (林弦)
13. Interesting Life (有趣的生活) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
14. A Life Of Travelling (漫旅人生) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)
15. Relaxing Guitar (Variation) (轻松的吉他 (变奏)) Pan Xiaozhou (潘小舟)

Insert Songs

  • Hai Chao Wu (海草舞) by Xiao Quan (萧全)
  • You Belong To Me by Ada Zhuang (庄心妍)
  • Empty (掏空) by Hai Zhe Ming (海哲明)
  • Dream Sea by Meng Ran (梦然)
  • I Want to Be Loved (Epic Version) by X-Ray Dog