Love and Again

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Love and Again


  • Title: 駁命老公追老婆 / 驳命老公追老婆
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Bok Ming Lo Gung Jui Lo Poh / Bo Ming Lao Gong Zhui Lao Po
  • English title: Love and Again
  • Genre: Supernatural, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast date: November 2002 (overseas)
  • Theme song: "Try Again" by Sammi Cheng


Suen Siu Yut (Sonija Kwok) and Lau Fuk Wing (Michael Tse) were a married couple with a child, but due to a car accident caused by Leung Dak Wa (Alex Fong), an arrogant man disliked by those around him, Fuk Wing passed away and left Siu Yut in grief. Fuk Wing's soul refuses to reincarnate due to the feeling of injustice of how he died. So with the help of a ghost Ngau Yut Yut (Fiona Yuen), his soul accidentally enters the body of Dak Wa and once again tries pursue his wife as Dak Wa. But in result, he fails many times in trying to win Siu Yut over again after she finds out that Dak Wa was the one to cause Fuk Wing's death. But not even after she is able to forgive that a new man enters the scene and becomes another love rival to Fuk Sing/Dak Wa... Ying Chun, her dancing instructor.

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  • This series was warehoused and released overseas in November 2002.

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