Love and Redemption

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Love and Redemption


  • Title: 琉璃 / Liu Li
  • English title: Love and Redemption
  • Also known as: 琉璃美人煞 / Liu Li Mei Ren Sha
  • Genre: Xianxia, romance
  • Episodes: 59
  • Broadcast network: Youku, Mango TV
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Aug-06 to 2020-Oct-01
  • Air time: 20:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
  • Original soundtrack: Love and Redemption OST


According to legends, the God of War saved the heavens in a deadly battle against the Luo Hou Ji Du, a powerful warrior of the Demon Tribe a thousand years ago. Both fell from the heavens and disappeared from the world. Thousand years later, a baby was born without her six senses, and was said to be the reincarnation of the God of War.

The Coriander Martial Arts Competition is held annually at Shaoyang Sect. The eldest daughter of the sect leader, Ling Long is capable and intelligent, while the second daughter Xuan Ji is lazy and inept in martial arts. Xuan Ji was sent to the Ming Xia cave to reflect after an accident where she barged into the forbidden sealed realm. There she meets Yu Sifeng, the young master of Li Ze palace, who was accidentally trapped there. The two form a friendship despite their initial misunderstandings.

At the Martial Arts Competition, a conflict occurs between Ling Long and Wu Tong, a disciple of the righteous sect. Wu Tong exacts his revenge, and accidentally hurts Xuan Ji in the process. After recovering from her injuries, Xuan Ji vows to improve on her martial arts skills and not be a burden to others.

Four years later, Xuan Ji's martial art skills vastly improved, and she gets the opportunity to head down the mountains for experience. While helping to exterminate evil, she meets Si Feng at Lu Tai town. Under Si Feng's guidance, she learns the value of co-operation and trust, and grows into an independent woman in the process. At this time, Wu Tong was discovered to have betrayed the righteous sects and allied with the Demon sect to take over the pugilistic world. The entire pugilistic world is thrown into danger. Xuan Ji works together with Si Feng to fight against the evil forces, and eventually returns peace to the pugilistic world.


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Main Cast
Second daughter of Chu Lei, leader of Shao Yang Sect. She is born without six senses. Reincarnation of Demon Maleficent Star, the most powerful warrior of the Xiu Luo Tribe. She was lied to and cheated by Hao Chen, causing her soul and spirit to be separated. A part of her soul was used by Hao Chen to construct the God of War, a weapon used to protect the Heaven Realm. In the process, her heart was removed and replaced with a "Liu Li" (colored glass) heart. Because of a mistake she committed, she was banished to the Mortal Realm. She must successfully go through a mortal trial in ten lifetimes to return to the Heaven Realm, or she will be banished to the Demon Realm.
Young Master and Head Disciple of Li Ze Palace. Son of the Li Ze Palace Master and Hao Feng. A Golden Winged Bird of the Demon Tribe, he was mistaken as the reincarnation of Demon Maleficent Star and made the new King of Demon Tribe. He fell in love with the God of War and accompanied her for ten lifetimes after she was banished from the Heaven realm.
Senior disciple of Shaoyang Sect (Qing Yang Peak). His actual identity is the White Emperor of the East.
Eldest daughter of Chu Lei. She is pure, bright and can be rash at times. She is super protective of her sister, Xuanji.
An immortal lord of the Heaven Realm, who loves getting into fights.
A thousand-year-old fox spirit. She is in love with Wu Zhiqi. She impersonated the identity of an immortal residing at Zhong Li City, in order to train and think of ways to save Wu Zhiqi.
Shao Yang Sect
  • He Zhong Hua as Chu Lei, leader of Shao Yang Sect. Xuan Ji and Ling Long's father
  • Zhang Yan Yan as He Danping, Xuan Ji and Ling Long's mother
  • Min Chun Xiao as Chu Yinghong, elder of Shao Yang Sect (Xiao Yang Peak)
  • Zhang Lei as Heng Yang, elder of Shao Yang Sect (Xu Yang Peak). In charge of protecting the Secret Mirror of Shao Yang Sect
  • Zhu Rong Rong as Lv Yang, elder of Shao Yang Sect (Qing Yang Peak). In charge of divination and detecting anomaly
  • Zhao Yao Xing as Feng Yang, elder of Shao Yang Sect
  • Yang Zi Jiang as He Yang, elder of Shao Yang Sect
  • Cheng Rang as Pu Yang, elder of Shao Yang Sect
  • Li Jun Yi as Zhong Minyan, sixth disciple of Shaoyang Sect (Shou Yang Peak). Likes Ling Long
  • Huang Peng as Du Minxing, eldest disciple of Shao Yang sect (Shou Yang Peak)
  • Wang Xu Dong as Chen Minjue, second disciple of Shao Yang sect (Shou Yang Peak)
  • Gu Zhi Shen (顾之绅) as Feng Minsheng, fourth disciple of Shao Yang sect (Shou Yang Peak)
  • Ma Li as Ouyang Minli, fifth disciple of Shao Yang sect (Shou Yang Peak)
  • Zhou Yi Dan as Duan Qing, disciple of Shaoyang Sect (Qing Yang Peak). Likes Hao Chen
  • Zhou Yu Tong (周雨彤) as Storyteller Disciple
Li Ze Palace
Heaven Realm
  • Huang Hai Bing as Heavenly Emperor
  • Wei Wei as Si Ming Star Lord, subordinate of Hao Chen
  • Lu Peng as Qing Long, one of the four Heavenly Beasts. Teng She's friend
  • Huang Qian as Bai Hu, one of the four Heavenly Beasts
  • Mao Yi Wen as Xuan Wu, one of the four Heavenly Beasts
  • Dai Zi Xiang as Zhu Que, one of the four Heavenly Beasts
Demon Tribe
  • Ma Jing Han as King Xiu Luo, Demon King
  • Li Xin Ze as Luo Hou Ji Du, the Demon Maleficent Star. The most powerful warrior of the Xiu Luo Tribe
  • Zhu Zi Xiao as Yuan Lang, master of Tian Xu Hall. Right Minister of the Demon Tribe
  • Fu Fang Jun as Wu Zhiqi, a monkey demon. Left Minister of the Demon Tribe. He was trapped in Fen Ru City by the Heaven Tribe by using the Si Hai Ding Kun lock, after being caught for attempting to steal Mo Sha Xing's weapon
  • Huang You Ming as Wu Tong
Former disciple of Dian Jing Valley. Petty, cunning and evil, he was banished from his sect after attempting to harm Ling Long during the Zan Hua Tournament. He was chased down by the righteous sects, and thus resorted to joining the Demon Tribe. He falls in love with Ling Long, and attempted to manipulate her by interfering with her memories
  • Li Ze as Di Lang, member of Tian Xu Hall
  • Wang Jiu Sheng as Elder Xing Su, astrologer of Tian Xu Hall
Xuan Yuan Sect
Fu Yu Island
  • Qian Yong Chen as Dongfang Qingqi, Chief of Fu Yu Island
  • Zhao Ying Zi as Qing Rong, Madame Dongfang. Her actual identity is the Sect leader of the Saintess Cult, residing in Zi Tong Mountain. She has an affair with Ou Yang
  • Wang Xing Yi as Elder Kong Dong
  • Fu Meng Ni as Yu Ning
  • Wu Yi Tao as Pian Pian
  • Li Ze as Attendant Ou Yang, Di Lang in disguise
Dian Jing Valley
  • Yu Bin as Master Rong, sect leader of Dian Jing Valley
  • Han Ye as Hao Feng, disciple of Dian Jing Valley. Si Feng's mother
  • Ma Xue Lei as Elder Kou
Supporting Cast

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