Love in Between

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Love in Between


  • Title: 少年游之一寸相思 / Shao Nian You: Yi Cun Xiang Si
  • English title: Love in Between
  • Genre: Wuxia, romance
  • Episodes: 43
  • Broadcast network: Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jun-08
  • Original soundtrack: Love in Between OST


While on the search for a missing scroll of a prized landscape painting, Zuo Qingci, a young noble disguised as a skilled physician, meets Fei Kou’er, a thief who is a master of disguise and skilled in qinggong. She is later revealed to be Su Yunluo, a young girl who steals valuable medicines from various sects to save her teacher.

Zuo Qingci steps into the murky waters of the pugilist world to help Su Yunluo, and belatedly realises that his actions have caused the deaths of his loved ones at the hands of political rivals. Zuo Qingci ultimately decides to enter politics to avenge the death of his family members and purge the court of corrupt officials once and for all.

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Correlation Chart
Young master of Fang Wai Pavilion. Son of Yan Yu.
A thief who is a master of disguise and skilled in qinggong. Disciple of Su Xuan.
Master of Shan Shui Fortress. One of the Seven Heroes of Yun Dang.
Disciple of Zheng Yang Palace. One of the Double Jade of Tian Du. Daughter of Lord Yong Shan.
Disciple of Zheng Yang Palace. One of the Double Jade of Tian Du.
A slave who was saved by Su Yunluo at Chi Yansha. Son of Mu Xiu and Rou Chuan.
Young mistress of Wu Er Fortress. Daughter of Xie Li.
Main Cast
Sheng Kingdom
  • He Long Long as Emperor Xiao Ming, ruler of Sheng Kingdom. Appears to be a puppet ruler controlled by Pei Jinghuan, but is ambitious
  • Lu Xing Yu as Pei Jinghuan, Duke Wei Ning. An ambitious man who wants to usurp power
  • Dong Yan Lin as Yan Yu, Duke Jing An. Commander of the Jing Bei Army. Zuo Jingci's father
  • Li Hao Zhen as Shen Sanzhang, commander of the Royal Guard. Works for Pei Jinghuan
  • Yue Xin as Yang Huan, royal guard. Shen Sanzhang's subordinate
  • Jin Meng Nan as Yan Qing, daughter of Yan Yu. Zuo Jingci's sister
  • Yan Feng as Prince Wei Xi, uncle of the Emperor
  • Xu Xin Yu as Pei Wan, Pei Jinghuan's daughter
  • Wei Zhi Qiang as Yang Tingguang, Grand Tutor. Ally of the Emperor
  • Ming Chao Xiang as Qin Xian, deputy general of Jing Bei Army
  • Wang Xu Dong as Lu Shou, surveillance commissioner. Works for Pei Jinghuan
  • Yue Chun Yu as Zhang Tianying, general of Jing Ji Camp. In cahoots with Pei Jinghuan
  • Liu Zi Peng as He Zhi, adjutant of Jing Ji Camp. Loyal to the Emperor
  • Zhu He as Minister of Rites
Zheng Yang Palace
  • Huang Hai Bing as Su Xuan, one of the Nine Legendary Heroes [Qing Li Sword]. Su Yunluo's teacher
  • Li Yu Ze as Reverend Jin Xu, sect leader of Zheng Yang Palace and leader of the Pugilistic Organization. One of the Nine Legendary Heroes [Gu Shan Sword]
  • Chang Kai Ning as Xiu Yugu, elder of Zheng Yang Palace
  • Chen Nuo as Jin Haishan, elder of Zheng Yang Palace
Shan Shui Fortress
  • Hong Lian Cheng as Liao Feiyan, leader of Yu Jiang faction
  • Gu Ke Jia as Ling Xi / Ru Qi, Wen Siyuan's maidservant. Her real identity is the Emperor's informant
Fang Wai Pavilion
  • Zhang Chun Zhong as Ghost Immortal Physician, Master of Fang Wai Pavilion. One of the Nine Legendary Heroes [Fang Wai Ghost]. Zuo Jingci's teacher
  • Yang Jun Sheng as Bai Mo, disciple of Zuo Qingci
Mu Mano
  • Ren Yu as Mu Xiu, sect leader of Mu Manor. One of the Nine Legendary Heroes [Ash of Ten Thousand Years]. Zhu Yan's father
  • Qiang Yu as Mu Ying, head disciple of Mu Manor. Shen Manqing's fiance
  • Zheng Yuan Yuan as Mu Lian, disciple of Mu Manor. Mu Xiu's junior. Mutually in love with Sun Siruo
Wu Er Fortress
Xiao Zong Sect
  • Zhang Lei as Lian Qishan, leader of Xiao Zong Sect
  • Sun Yi Fan as Chu Tianjiang, head disciple of Xiao Zong Sect
Zhao Mu Pavilion
  • Wu Lan as Kou Subai, sect leader of Zhao Mu Pavilion
  • Hong Xuan as Yuan Yingying, head disciple of Zhao Mu Pavilion
Xie Yi Immortal Sect / Southern Desert
  • Jiang Lin Jing as Rou Chuan, leader of Xie Yi Immortal Sect. Zhu Yan's mother
  • Hu Lin Xi as A Landuo, saintess of Xie Yi Immortal Sect. Rou Chuan's daughter, Zhu Yan's sister
  • Tong Hu as Chi Ba, head guardian of Xie Yi Immortal Sect
  • Xiao Wan Ge as Chi Muye, leader of the villagers. Secretly a spy for Zheng Yang Palace
  • Li Qin as Physician
Chi Yansha
  • Wang Hai Bin as Qin Guan, a monk who was the Ai Emperor Liang Huan
  • Zhao Chong Yue as Sun Siruo, one of the Nine Heroes [Lonely Sound of a Thousand Miles]. Mutually in love with Mu Lian
  • Wang Zi Run as Gui Tongzi, one of the three Demons of Snow City. His real identity is Sun Siruo, who morphed into a child after being attacked by a disciple of Zheng Yang Palace
  • Zhang Zheng Yang as Shang Wan, one of the Seven Heroes of Yun Dang
  • Zhou Xiao Fei as Madame Xie, one of the three Demons of Snow City
  • Zhang Heng Rui as Chou Nu'er, one of the three Demons of Snow City
  • Li Chang as Duan Yan (voiced by Zhang He) , son of Prince Wei Nan
  • Wang Jin Qiang as Shangguan Ku, one of the Nine Heroes [Gui Hong Knife]
  • Wang Ming Hui as Lord Yong Shan, sect leader of Yong Shan sect. Shen Manqing's father

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  • Filming location Aksay Kazakh, Gansu
  • Filming duration: 2018-Jan to 2018-Apr

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