Love of the Millennium

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You Jian Bai Niang Zi


  • Title: 又见白娘子 / You Jian Bai Niang Zi
  • English title: Love of the Millennium
  • Genre: Fantasy, romance, period drama
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: HBS / various
  • Broadcast period: 2011-May / 2011-June
  • Opening theme song: Qian Nian Deng Yi Hui (千年等一回) Awaiting Once in a Thousand Years by Li Yong Jie (李永杰) and Zhen Xue Er (真雪儿)
  • Ending theme songs: Du Qing (渡情) Passing Through Love by Zuo Xuan Yuan (左宏元) and Zhang Hui Qing (张慧清) / Xiang Qian Zou (向前走) Walk Onward by Li Yong Jie and Zhen Xue Er
  • Insert song: Xie Xie, Wo Ai Ni (谢谢、我爱你) Thanks, I Love You by Qi Xiao Dan (戚晓丹)
  • Related TV series: See Madam White Snake


Five hundred years ago, the Black Dragon King of Devildom was sealed into a cave in the Kunlun Mountains after being defeated by 5 powerful beings from Fairyland (Xuan Wu, Zhu Que, Qing Long, Bai Hu, Qi Lin). Now he is plotting revenge with the help of his daughter Huo Qi Lin, who lives in Fairyland. During one of Huo Qi Lin's battles with Fairyland, she discovers that Zhu Que's eldest disciple Zhen Er is really her older half sister and that they share the same biological father, the Black Dragon King. With the advice of Bai Zu Zhen Ren, Huo Qi Lin calculates a plan to let Zhen Er discover the truth behind her family background, jeopardizing Zhen Er's profound romance with Fairyland's Shu Shen Qiong Sang.

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