MBC Monday to Friday/Saturday Morning

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MBC Monday to Friday/Saturday Morning[edit]

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Friday 7:50 AM
Bad Love 2019-Dec-02 2020-May-29
Everybody Say Kungdari 2019-Jul-16 2019-Nov-29
Backflow 2017-Nov-13 2018-Apr-26
Teacher Oh Soon Nam 2017-Apr-24 2017-Oct-20
Always Spring 2016-Oct-31 2017-Apr-21
Good Person 2016-May-02 2016-Oct-28
Tomorrow Victory 2015-Nov-02 2016-Apr-29
Eve's Love 2015-May-18 2015-Oct-30
Lady of the Storm 2014-Nov-03 2015-May-15
Everybody, Kimchi! 2014-Apr-07 2014-Oct-31
Hold My Hand 2013-Oct-04 2014-Apr-04
You're Great, Really! 2013-May-06 2013-Oct-04
It Was Love 2012-Oct-15 2013-May-03
An Angel's Choice 2012-Apr-02 2012-Oct-12
Dangerous Women 2011-Oct-10 2012-Mar-30
You're So Pretty 2011-Apr-04 2011-Oct-07
The Scarlet Letter 2010-Aug-09 2011-Apr-01
Pink Lipstick 2010-Jan-11 2010-Aug-06
I Can't Stop 2009-Jul-13 2010-Jan-08
White Lies 2008-Dec-01 2009-Jul-10
Don't Be Swayed 2008-Apr-14 2008-Nov-28
Even So Love 2007-Oct-01 2008-Apr-11
By My Side 2007-Mar-12 2007-Sep-28
Love Me When You Can 2006-Jul-17 2007-Mar-09
End of Love 2006-Jan-31 2006-Jul-14

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM
Sisters of the Sea 2005-Aug-01 2006-Jan-27
Pharmacist Kim's Daughters 2005-Jan-10 2005-Jul-30
Freezing Point 2004-Oct-04 2005-Jan-08
Passion 2004-Apr-26 2004-Oct-02
A Saint and a Witch 2003-Sep-22 2004-Apr-24
While You Were Dreaming 2003-Mar-02 2003-Sep-20
Golden Wagon 2002-Jul-01 2003-Mar-01
My Name is Princess 2002-Jan-21 2002-Jun-29
Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Friday ~8:25 AM
I Want to See Your Face 2001-Aug-20 2002-Jan-19
My Heart's Jewelry Box
(내 마음의 보석상자)
2001-Feb-05 2001-Aug-18
The More I Love You (사랑할수록) 2000-Aug-07 2001-Feb-03
Feels Good (느낌이 좋아) 2000-Jan-03 2000-Aug-05
Beautiful Choice (아름다운 선택) 1999-Jun-07 1999-Dec-30
For Love (사랑을 위하여) 1998-Jul-13 1999-Jun-05
The Eldest (맏이) 1998-Jan-05 1998-Jul-11
Love and Separation (사랑과 이별) 1997-Aug-04 1998-Jan-03
Don't Forget (못 잊어) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Aug-02
Women of the Road (길 위의 여자) 1996-Oct-21 1997-Mar-01
The Sweet Life (달콤한 인생) 1996-Apr-29 1996-Oct-19
Truth (진실) 1995-Oct-16 1996-Apr-27
Happiness (행복) 1995-Apr-17 1995-Oct-14
Oldest Sister (큰 언니) 1994-Oct-24 1995-Apr-15
Stranger in Paradise (천국의 나그네) 1994-Apr-11 1994-Oct-15
Sisters (자매들) 1993-Oct-18 1994-Apr-09