Maiden's Vow

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Maiden's Vow


  • Title: 鳳凰四重奏 / 凤凰四重奏
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Fong Wong Sei Chung Jau / Feng Huang Si Chong Zou
  • English title: Maiden's Vow
  • Also known as: Phoenix Quartet
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Aug-28 to 2006-Oct-06
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30
  • Opening theme song: Butterfly Changes (蝶變) by Charmaine Sheh
  • Ending theme song: Forbidden Love (禁戀) by Charmaine Sheh


The story of four generations of women from four different time periods. From the Late Qing era to the May Fourth Period, the Sixties to the modern times. Each period shows the rapidly changing status of women in China in the last 100 years.

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