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  • Title: 魔王
  • Title (romaji): Maou
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Suspense drama, Romance
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership rating: 11.4 (Kanto)
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-04 to 2008-Sep-12
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme song: truth by Arashi
  • Insert song: live/evil by Sawano Hiroyuki
  • Related TV show: The Devil (KBS2, 2007)


This drama is a remake of the popular suspense drama The Devil that was aired in Korea last year. Ohno Satoshi will be playing the role of a two-faced lawyer, one of which is a kind hearted soul and the other who is plotting revenge, using his brilliant mind, on the person who killed his relative. On the other hand, Ikuta Toma will play the double lead role of the man, who has become a detective due to his dark past, who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders and fighting against the devil (maou).

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Episode Broadcast Date Subtitle Ratings
01 2008-Jul-04 The vengeful demon who threw away love - the grieving devil 14.0
02 2008-Jul-11 A treacherous snare... Parent and child torn apart 12.6
03 2008-Jul-18 One's true face is exposed, revenge for the sake of love 9.2
04 2008-Jul-25 Targeted devil, the gates of hell have opened 10.1
05 2008-Aug-01 An advance murder notice...!? Receiving a red envelope from the devil 10.9
06 2008-Aug-08 Tell me... who the real perpetrator is!! 7.6
07 2008-Aug-15 The false siblings... A kind lie that invites death 12.1
08 2008-Aug-22 The end to an impermissible love... For revenge, once more 11.5
09 2008-Aug-29 I am the real perpetrator. The tragedy of a man who knew too much 11.5
10 2008-Sep-05 The crumbling of a household... The last card is death!! 12.3
11 2008-Sep-12 The final showdown. A bond severed by death!! 14.1
Average 11.4

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