Marvelous Women

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Dang Jia Zhu Mu


  • Title: 当家主母 / Dang Jia Zhu Mu
  • English title: Marvelous Women
  • Genre: Historical
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi, Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2021-Nov-08
  • Original Soundtrack: Marvelous Women OST


The story revolves around two women who are mortal enemies, who put aside their grudges and work together to promote the culture of Damask.

During the Yonggan period of the Qing Dynasty, the weaving industry of Gu Su was considered as the leader of its trade. Their Silk Hand Embroidery Art and Tapestry were often presented as court tributes. The Ren family of Su Zhou Manor were put in charge to lead the manufacturing process of the industry, and they possess the special weaving technique passed down from ancestors. Ren Xuetang, head of the Ren family, was gentle and refined; while his wife Shen Cuixi is the opposite. Firm and decisive, she is able to manage the house properly and also possess outstanding weaving skills, thus earning a reputation as the "Leading Lady of the Family". However due to unforeseen circumstances, Ren Xuetang met with an accident while chasing water bandits and investigating the illegal trade of silk, and his whereabouts became unknown. Shen Cuixi bears with the sadness of losing her husband, and decides to try her best to preserve the Ren's family secret silk-making technique and the family's only bloodline. She decides to work together with her former enemy Zeng Baoqin, joining forces to weather the storm and face the challenges ahead of them. Finally, her efforts paid off and Ren Xuetang peacefully comes back. After going through turmoils and struggles over the years, Shen Cuixi did not want to live the complicated life anymore, and decides to entrust the Ren family to Zeng Baoqin.

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