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This is the entry log for DramaWiki's spam blacklist. All additions should be logged so that future users can easily find the reason. You can make a single log entry for multiple bans, assuming the same reason applies to all of them. If you remove something from the blacklist, simply remove the relevant entry here.

Note: The DramaWiki blacklist is used additionally to the global blacklists of Meta Wikipedia and Wikipedia. Links on the global lists don't need to be added here.

Blacklist Log
(2014‎-Apr-28) Not considered as spam but still unwanted linking (see our style guide on external links). Instagram websites are not useful information resources. Also, the images on Instagram are often artificially modified/distorted using filters which can make them look blurry or aged. DramaWiki prefers clear unfiltered photos which help to identify the persons in our articles.

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