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Nan Ren Bang


  • Title: 男人帮 / Nan Ren Bang
  • English title: Men
  • Also known as: Men's Group / Secret Society of Men
  • Genre: Romance, drama, comedy
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast networks: BTV, Dragon TV, ZJTV, TJTV, AHTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-22 to 2011-Nov-05
  • Air time: 19:30 (2 episodes nightly)
  • Ending theme song: Rang Ai Cong Tou (让爱从头) Let Love Start Over by Zhou Xiao Ou
  • Insert song: Hui Yi (回忆) Recollection by Sun Hao (孙浩)
  • Related TV series: Men Friend


Gu Xiao Bai is a freelance screenwriter who walks a fine line between reality and the world of art. He has many ideals about love, but is very bold and unrestrained, having already had too many girlfriends to count. Luo Shu Quan is Xiao Bai's best buddy, though whether it comes to work or personality, the two are as different as night and day. Shu Quan is overly rational and exceptionally cautious when it comes to love. Xiao Bai and Shu Quan become friends with Zuo Yong Bang, a wealthy and good-looking divorcee. Yong Bang believes that money can buy control of women only to find that there are some things money can not control. The three of them always give each other advice about love, but frequently sink into a state of passiveness and chaos.

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Episode Titles

  • Ep 1: In the name of love
  • Ep 2: Selective romance
  • Ep 3: Confidante
  • Ep 4: Equality between men and women
  • Ep 5: Tailing
  • Ep 6: His friends
  • Ep 7: I won't say it even if you beat me to death
  • Ep 8: Your appearance
  • Ep 9: Chase
  • Ep 10: Who's constantly unable to forget
  • Ep 11: Love, please cheer me on
  • Ep 12: Valentine's Day
  • Ep 13: A gift of formality
  • Ep 14: Loyalty to you or loyalty to love
  • Ep 15: Super change change change
  • Ep 16: Conditions of the wealthy
  • Ep 17: Spiritual romance
  • Ep 18: Friendship is priceless
  • Ep 19: Old look, new face and pride
  • Ep 20: In love with a married man
  • Ep 21: Sexual harassment
  • Ep 22: Office romance
  • Ep 23: Whoever starts talking first will die first
  • Ep 24: Living together
  • Ep 25: The ample taste of pregnancy
  • Ep 26: Knocking down the pretty boy
  • Ep 27: Paradise is beckoning
  • Ep 28: The person who loves me and the person I love
  • Ep 29: Wedding
  • Ep 30: The story begins with the conclusion

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