Meteor Garden (2018)

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Meteor Garden (2018)


  • Title: 流星花园 / Liu Xing Hua Yuan
  • English title: Meteor Garden
  • Also known as: Meteor Garden Reborn
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jul-09 to 2018-Aug-29
  • Air time: Mon to Wed 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)
  • Related TV shows: Meteor Garden (CTS, 2001/2002), Meteor Rain (CTS, 2001), Hana Yori Dango (TBS, 2005/2007), Boys Over Flowers (KBS2, 2009), Meteor Shower (Hunan TV, 2009/2010), Hana Nochi Hare (TBS, 2018)
  • Opening theme song: For You by Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), Darren Chen (官鸿), Caesar Wu (吴希泽), Connor Leong (梁靖康)
  • Ending theme song: Ai Cun Zai (愛,存在) Love, Exist by Wei Qi Qi (魏奇奇)
  • Insert songs: Ni Yao De Ai (你要的愛) (深夜版) The Love You Want (Late Night Ver.) by Penny Tai


An ordinary girl is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country where she encounters F4, an exclusive group comprised of the four wealthiest and handsomest boys in the school - Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. --MyDramaList

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  • The series was based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Hana Yori Dango" (Boys Before Flowers) by Kamio Yoko.

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