Minamoto Yoshitsune

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Minamoto Yoshitsune


  • Title: 源義経
  • Title (romaji): Minamoto Yoshitsune
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Jidaigeki
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast date: 1991-Dec-31


During the late Heian era in Japan a famous duel took place between the warrior monk Musashibo Benkei and a slender young man of high rank named Shanao. This was the battle at Gojo Bridge, and while Benkei had taken 999 sword from his vanquished opponents, he was soundly defeated by the young flute-playing samurai. Swearing allegiance to the superior swordsman, Benkei became his loyal vassal and accompanied the young man who went on to fame as Minamoto Yoshitsune, the general who defeated the Taira clan at the Battle of Dan no Ura thus leading the Genji over the Heike as the most powerful clan in the nation.

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  • I discovered this made-for-TV special while watching a 1991 VHS tape. It aired on Oceanic Cable 17 in Hawaii on January 11 and 18, 1992, in two parts. Can't find any info about it on-line, but the drama did exist. This was aired prior to the Internet boom, so it's difficult to find any more information. If someone can contribute more information about the drama, he can add better formatting to this page. --groink

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