Mokuyou Drama 9 (TBS)

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Mokuyou Drama 9 is the term given to the TV shows airing on TBS in the Thursday 21:00-21:54 timeslot.

With the end of the Wataru Seken wa oni Bakari series, the Mokuyou 9 timeslot was replaced with the Mokuyou Drama 9 timeslot, aimed towards a more younger audience. Mokuyou Drama 9 began in October 2011 with Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~ as their premiere drama for this timeslot.

This list includes all TV shows aired on TBS in this time slot and their average rating.

As of Jan 2014, the timeslot has been renamed to Mokuyou Drama Gekijou (木曜ドラマ劇場).

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