Mother of Mine

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Mother of Mine


  • Title: 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸 / Sesangeseo Jeil Yeoppeun Nae Ttal
  • Also known as: My Prettiest Daughter in the World / My Daughter is the Kindest
  • Formerly known as: 세상에서 제일 착한 내 딸 / Sesangeseo Jeil Chakhan Nae Ttal
  • Genre: Drama, family
  • Episodes: 108
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Mar-23 to 2019-Sep-22
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday Night 19:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)
  • Original Soundtrack: Mother of Mine OST


This is a story of a mother and a daughter living in Korea in this era. --KBS World

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Park Sun Ja's family
  • Kim Hae Sook as Park Sun Ja
  • Kim So Yun as Kang Mi Ri / Kang Seung Yun (Sun Ja's second daughter)
  • Kim Ha Kyung (김하경) as Kang Mi Hye (Sun Ja's youngest daughter)
  • Park Geun Soo as Park Young Dal (Sun Ja's younger brother)
  • Nam Tae Boo as Bang Jae Bum (Mi Hye's ex-boyfriend)
  • Jo Sung Wook (조성욱) as Min Ho (Sun Ja's restaurant part-time worker)
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Kang Mi Sun's family
  • Yoo Sun as Kang Mi Sun (Sun Ja's eldest daughter)
  • Joo Hyun as Jung Dae Chul (Mi Sun's father-in-law)
  • Park Jung Soo as Ha Mi Ok (Mi Sun's mother-in-law)
  • Lee Won Jae as Jung Jin Soo (Mi Sun's husband)
  • Joo Ye Rim (주예림) as Jung Da Bin (Mi Sun's daughter)
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  • Each night's broadcast is divided into two 40 minute episodes with a commercial break in between.


  • 2019 33rd KBS Drama Awards

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