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Comedy-Drama starring pop group TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya and rising female actor Takeuchi Yuko. Nagase stars as an icy-cool pop idol, Sakuraba Yuuichiro, who is actually a happy go-lucky smiling guy/idiot. After falling in love with Sakura (Takeuchi), trouble ensues after agreeing to marry into Sakura's family (she only has 3 sisters). Of course, more trouble follows trying to hide his marriage from his adoring/rabid fans. A light dorama worth watching.

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No. Episode Title Ratings
1. Hush-Hush Marriage of a Popular Star 16.5%
2. Wedding Ceremony of Tears 17.5%
3. Confession at the Press Conference 14.4%
4. A Touching 180-degree Turn 13.9%
5. Storm of First Love 13.5%
6. The Secret of the Birth 14.6%
7. Finally Exposed! This is the Real Me!! 13.4%
8. The World's Saddest Kiss 15.6%
9. Paparazzi 16.0%
10. Moment of Arrest 15.0%
11. Divorce 15.9%
12. Decision 17.2%


Review by Kanin

To be honest I had no idea what this drama was about prior to watching it, I usually do read a little bit about them before watching them just to get the priorities right. I decided to see this only because I read some people recommended this as a top drama. Almost the entire cast was new to me I only recognized Danta Yasunori from Good Luck and Utsui Ken from Pretty girls, well… and Tsunku of course, yes the man behind Morning Musume. In this drama he is playing a producer or a company CEO. In some way he is representing what he is doing in real life, and to see the scandal sing for Yuichiro is kinda strange/spooky to watch when you know the incident of Abe.

This is a family drama with a bit of comedy, but even if there is a comedy flavor to the story there is a serious drama rolling along too. It's about a popstar Yuichiro (Nagase Tomoya) trying to cope with his private life as a married man to an ordinary girl Sakura (Takeuchi Yuko). In order to keep fans content he decides to live his family life in secret.

The contrast of Yuichiro's popstar attitude and his private true self is at times hilarious to watch. Although I would say that he takes it a bit over the top sometimes, but on the other hand, that's what's funny about it. Another funny thing is that when Sakura and Yuichiro are in the same scene they always wear the same clothes. It's cute in a geeky way, but somehow it works well. Or maybe it's just me blinded by Yuko's charm.

Sakura is living with her father and her 3 sisters, plus 2 grand children from the older sisters. That makes them 7 under one roof and now comes Yuichiro barking in marrying into their family and starts to live with them. The oldest sister Kaede has separated from her husband and are living with her son Ryo. The second sister is Satsuki who works at a radio station and is single. Azusa the third sister works in a food company and shes living with her son Tsutomu 7 years old. And then there is Sakura the youngest sister who is married to the popstar Yuichiro (Takeuchi Yuko). As the story unfolds we get to know there is a brother too who has left the family when Sakura was a child due to an accident, and Sakura don't even remember how he looks like. We also get to understand that their mother is dead.

At first I was astonished by how big the family was but it's pretty neat put together cause after awhile you get familiar with each one of them. There's the oldest sister Kaede, apparently worked as a model one time (or that's what she keeps saying), acting like a child from time to time, but warm at heart, she's a key fixer in many scenes. And there's Satsuki a sharp looking single women taking her work seriously but yearns to move out and be independent from her father. Azusa is the mother of the young Tsutomu represents the young single parent who has a story of her own. Sakura is the daughter that does all the houseworking it seems, I actually don't know why though. She's plain lovely to watch and whatever expression she puts on it's a drop-georgous one. And then we have Yuichiro who displays a really funny outgoing person clearly casted to be a bit stupid but very friendly, longing to be a part of a big family since that's what he missed in his childhood. Many times he gains respect from the others by showing how he really cares for his newfound family.

The story is well put together with Yuichiro struggling to get along with his new family (that of Yuko's) and at the same time dealing and helping each family members private problems as the arise. The biggest sparkles comes from the relation between Yuichiro and Satsuki when he helps her with her work at the radio station. I remember especially the 4th episode when he's virtually saving her job by showing up in a program.

In some way there never seem to be time for dealing with Yuichiro and Sakura together cause they are always busy with other family matters. And there's also the threat to reveal the marriage and true private life of the popstar Yuichiro. But in episode 8 the story turns back the focus to Sakura and her feelings for the whole situation. It's easy to understand how neglected she must feel keeping their life in secret. It's as if she didn't exist at all... and so came the cemetary scene, wow so powerful.

Another scene I liked is the family gathering at the hot springs starting with the intense discussion at the dinner table (very funny, actually reminded me of a Jackie Chan fight, but a verbal version) culminating with the revealing of the scar and linking to the chasing photographer.

I like the song he's singing Hitoribotchi no Haburashi and it's played all over the drama in different versions like piano, guitarr and even violin I think.

From checking Yuko's filmography she seems to be quite busy with alot of drama leads in the past years. I have never seen her in any dramas before, but I like her already. I'm just guessing she must be one of the most promising young stars of today. In some screens I think she recembles Matsu Takako and Hasegawa Kyoko.


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