My Amazing Bride

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My Amazing Bride


  • Title: 极品新娘 / Ji Ping Xin Niang
  • English title: My Amazing Bride
  • Genre: Historical, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: SETV
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-02


The highly competent, very independent Tang Dou Dou was reaching the end of suitable marriageable age. Yet, she was unwilling to settle for less than the best. When Shen family proprosed marriage for their eldest son, who by reputation was smart and rich, she thought her dream husband finally appeared. Her joy turned into horror on her wedding night when she discovered her child prodigy husband had turned into an imbecile in an accident. She immediately asked for a divorce but was repeatedly thwarted by her in-laws. In a turn of event, she cured her husband's brain injury and restored his intelligence, but her genius husband forgot all about her. She now had to fight for his love just as he had fought for hers.

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