My Deepest Dream

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My Deepest Dream


  • Title: 乌云遇皎月 / Wu Yun Yu Jiao Yue
  • English title: My Deepest Dream
  • Genre: Romance, fantasy, suspense, time travel
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2021


Wu Yu and Tan Jiao meets in a boat trip and fall in love at sight for each other. After the trip, the two of them loses part of their memories. Wu Yu is an all-rounded genius with a bright future of him, but his life takes a drastic change. His mother and sister were both killed. To nab the true culprit, he gives up on his future and becomes a car repairman. Tan Jiao, who comes to repair her car, meets him once again. Since then, the two would time-travel every two weeks.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing: Wu Yun Yu Jiao Yue (乌云遇皎月) by Ding Mo
  • Director:
  • Screenwriter: Xu Peng Peng, Fan Kan
  • Producer:
  • Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Liu Bai Entertainment

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