My Family Tree

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My Family Tree


  • Title: 亲情树 / Qin Qing Shu
  • English title: My Family Tree
  • Genre: Family, human drama
  • Episodes: 26
  • Broadcast network: CCTV-8
  • Broadcast year: 2003


Years ago, Yu Xin's mother adopted 3 babies born to 3 female death row inmates. Despite this secret, the family has always been a very close and loving unit. When Yu Xin's mother is killed in what turns out to be a homicide-driven hit-and-run, Yu Xin decides to give up her chance to attend the prestigious Peking University in order to raise and look after her younger siblings. It is her hope that Yu Yue, Yu Huan, and Yu Le can overcome the stigma of their family backgrounds as they grow up and discover the sometimes shameful, sometimes painful, and sometimes tragic truth. -- Lady Zhuge

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