My Shining Girl

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My Shining Girl


  • Title: 자체발광 그녀 / Jachebalkwang Geunyeo
  • Also known as: Glowing She / Sunshine Girl
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: KBS Drama
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-07 to 2012-Mar-17
  • Air time: Saturday 24:00
  • Original Soundtrack: My Shining Girl OST


Jun Ji-Hyun is a highly capable woman at work, but her boss continually steals credit for ideas. After a humiliating incident with a top star, Kang Min, at a company dinner and in front of her former boyfriend and famous producer, No Yong Woo, she finally has hit her limit. She quits her job in pursuit of her dream: to become a writer for a current affairs TV show. Little does she know that this means she will have to deal with both Kang Min and No Yong Woo again.


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