Mystery of the Twin Swords

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  • Title: 日月神劍 / 日月神剑
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Yat Yuet Sun Kim / Ri Yue Shen Jian
  • English title: Mystery of the Twin Swords
  • Genre: Wuxia, Comedy
  • Broadcast network: TVB

Season 1[edit]

  • Broadcast year: 1991


The series tells the story of two brothers, Ah Yat (Roger Kwok) and Ah Yuet (Dicky Cheung) and the battle between the immortals and devils. After giving birth to Ah Yat, the immortals are informed that the next child will represent them in the next dual of the century against the devils. So, the head devil then turns the unborn baby into his, believing that by turning the immortals' representative into the devils', he will be able to take control of him and cause the two brothers to fight and cause the universe to collapse. However, the two brothers suddenly disappears after Ah Yuet's birth, and are discovered by a granny with mystical powers.

She raises them for 20 years with her daughter, Kiu Kiu (Chan On Ying), whom the brothers sees as a sister. While growing up, the two brothers becomes cheeky, arrogant, but witty and clever with their tricks. Their playful personality leads them down the mountain where their adventure involves the new people they meet, including their love potential Ching Ching (Carol Yeung), the hitman Yin Pin Tin (Lau Ka Fai) and a thief Kong Ling (Ng Wing Hung). But after all the fun of their journey, the brothers eventually face each other in the battle of the century between the immortals and devils where only one are expected to live.

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Season 2[edit]

  • Title: 日月神劍之捉妖奇兵 / 日月神剑之捉妖奇兵
  • Broadcast year: 1992
  • Opening theme: True and Fake (真真假假) by Dicky Cheung


The second season starts with the wedding between Ah Yat (Roger Kwok) and Ching Ching (Yeung Ling), which gets interrupted by a man who claims to be her betrothed husband and that the anklet she wears is the proof of their arranged marriage. However, it was revealed that he had killed the true man she was suppose to marry, and Ah Yuet (Dicky Cheung) eventually kills him. But from that day, Ching Ching starts to become plagued with a great pain from her anklet that was gradually growing in size and becoming a burden to her. Their best friend, Yin Pin Tin (Lau Ka Fai), refers them to a doctor who lives in the mountains. While Ching Ching got treatment, Ah Yuet meets the doctor's daughter, Siu Dip (Rain Lau), who starts to form great hatred towards him for constantly being arrogant and immature. After that, the two brothers leaves for the West Mountain to find an ax that will permanently cure Ching Ching of her pain, but the removal of the ax had then released the devil their father had trapped over 20 years ago.

And so, their second adventure starts, as Ah Yat tries to keep his violent girlfriend Ching Ching happy, Yin Pin Tin and his wife, Kong Ling (Ng Wing Hung) tries to maintain their marriage, and Ah Yuet tries to make Siu Dip his, all with the devil's involvement who tries to ruin it all and ultimately kill the two brothers. Truly a sadder but also a very comical classic series.


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