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  • Song title: 那一年
  • Song title (hanyu pinyin): na4 yi4 nian2
  • Song title (English): That year
  • Sung by: Chen Wen Hua
  • Music and Lyrics: Chen Wen Hua
  • Related drama: Marry Me!


Chinese Hanyu pinyin Translation



那一年 我現在還記得
跑在原野上 我們的天真
那一年 我現在還想著

zao zai mou nian mou yue di mou yi tian

wo ba wo cui ruo de xin jiao gei le ni
ni que jia zhuang bu dong
you xiao le yi xia
dian dian tou jie shou le wo zhe fen chi xin

guo le duo nian duo yue you duo le yi tian
zui qiu meng xiang ba wo men la de hao yuan
ran hou he ping zi xia
wo men shuo zai jian
ou er ye hui dian tou dang zuo lian xian

na yi nian wo xian zai hai ji de
pao zhai yuan ye shang wo men de tian zhen
dong tian shi hou yi qi chi bing qi ling
zai ni chuang wai chang ge wo jue de kuai le
na yi nian wo xian zai hai xiang zhe
cheng nian de wo men
neng bu neng hui dao cong qian
zhang da hou cai fa xian
wo xin li mei ge hen ji dou shi ni

One year, one month, one day long ago

I presented my fragile heart to you
But you pretended to not understand
Then you smiled
And accepted my heart

Many years, many months and many days later
Our goals pull us so far apart
Under peaceful terms
We said goodbye
Sometimes, we still hook up

That year, I still remember,
Us running across a field, our innocence
Us eating ice cream in the winter
I was happy singing outside your winddow
That year, I still thinking,
When we become adults,
could we go back to before?
I found out after I grew up
Every mark in my heart is you