No Boundary

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No Boundary


  • Title: 玉昭令 / Yu Zhao Ling
  • English title: No Boundary
  • Genre: Historical, fantasy, romance
  • Episodes: 32 (Season 1), 20 (Season 2)
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2021-Mar-30 (Season 1), 2021-May-10 (Season 2)
  • Original soundtrack: No Boundary OST


High immortal Duan Mucui took the initiative to manage the heretical forces in the mortal world. She is decisive and domineering, but after meeting Zhan Hong, a guy who appears cold but is warm-hearted, at Qifeng city, she becomes confused about his feelings for him and starts to develop worries. From bickering rivals to becoming partners in justice, the two began to fall in love. But a greater conspiracy awaits them...

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