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Kiritani Shuji is the popular guy who gets along with everyone, from the jerks to the nerds to the just plain weird. The one person Shuji cannot stand is Kusano Akira. To Shuji, Akira is just plain annoying. He laughs, talks and acts funny. Things heat up when a new student comes to school. Her name is Kotani Nobuko, a girl who has no self confidence at all and is content at being made fun of and bullied in school. Shuji and Akira come to an accord that in order to make use of their youth they will produce Nobuko as the next popular girl. One of the conditions, however, is that nobody should find out that they are working together as a team to make this concept possible. Unveiled here is the story of true friendship between three unlikely candidates who would not have been friends if not given the special circumstances.

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Episode Subtitle Ratings (Kanto)
1 Making the bullied transfer student popular 16.1%
2 (Secret) Master plan: Beautiful 14.9%
3 Culture festival of horror 17.0%
4 The tactics of a love confession 16.4%
5 A nightmare date 17.1%
6 The adolescence of parents and children 17.7%
7 The boy who makes a girl cry 16.7%
8 The true nature of bullying 18.0%
9 Friends even if separated 16.8%
10 Springtime of life amigo 18.2%
Average 16.89%


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