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Novoland: Eagle Flag


  • Title: 九州·缥缈录 / Jiu Zhou Piao Miao Lu
  • English Title: Novoland: Eagle Flag
  • Genre: Fantasy, Historical
  • Episodes: 56
  • Broadcast network: Zhejiang TV
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jul-16


Lü (Lv) Guichen is the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to the Eastern Land as hostage. He meets Ji Ye, an unfavoured illegitimate son who is training to become a warrior, and Yu Ran, the princess of the Winged tribe. The three become close friends, and the boys’ feelings for Yu Ran soon turn romantic.

At the same time, powerful warlord Ying Wuyi has been maintaining a firm control over the Emperor, giving him unprecedented power over the nobles. Lv Guichen, Ji Ye and Yu Ran decide to join the decisive battle against Ying Wuyi at Shangyang Pass, but unbeknownst to them, an even darker conspiracy is yet to unfold.

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Actor Role Notes
Liu Hao Ran Lü Guichen (Asule Pasu'er) Crown Prince of the Qingyang tribe in the Northern Continent. Descendant of the Pasu'er family, who possesses the Qing Tong bloodline. He was weak and sickly as a child, and overlooked by his family and members of his tribe. Quiet and gentle in nature, he becomes determined to get stronger to protect his loved ones. He later became a warrior of an organization called Tianku.

Weapon: Yingyue sabre.

Song Zu Er Yu Ran Princess of the Winged Tribe (羽族). She is bright and spirited in nature. Innately bold and curious, she has the quick wit and bravado to match.
Chen Ruo Xuan Ji Ye A skilled and fearless warrior, born the illegitimate son of a nobleman. Although harsh beginnings bear in him cold and ruthless tendencies, his hunger to prove himself betrays a childish vulnerability. He later became a warrior of Tianku.

Weapon: Huya lance.

Hetang kingdom[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Zhang Jia Yi Baili Jinghong Ruler of Hetang kingdom. Ambitious and thirsty for power, he intends to use use Lu Guichen as his tool in securing his reign.
Jiang Shu Ying Gong Yuyi Member of the Winged Tribe. Royal advisor of Hetang kingdom. Yu Ran's aunt.
Li Guang Jie Xi Yan One of the Four Great Generals of the Eastern Continent (Fox general); a warrior of Tianku. An incredibly gifted warrior and strategist, he hides his true agenda and thoughts behind a smiling, easygoing facade.
Wang Ou Su Shunqing A spirit (魅族). An assassin of Tian Luo sect. Baili Jinghong's consort. She has a complex relationship with Xi Yan.
Liu Guan Cheng Tuoba Shanyue One of the Four Great Generals of the Eastern Continent (Leopard general). He originally came from the Northern Continent.
Wei Qian Xiang Baili Ningqing Head master of the Baili tribe. Bai Lingbo's lover.
Wei Peng Xi Yuan Xi Yan's nephew. Lü Guichen and Ji Ye's friend.
Huang Yi Baili Yu Son of Baili Jinghong. Lü Guichen's friend.
Liu Qiu Shi Baili Yin Daughter of Baili Jinghong.
Feng Hui Ji Qianzheng Ji Ye's father.
Fan Jin Wei Ji Changye Ji Ye's brother.
Chen Zhi Wei Leiyun Zhengke Member of Hetang's Army.

Yin Empire[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Xu Qing Bai Lingbo Grand princess of Yin Empire; elder sister of Bai Luyan. Ambitious and vain, she thrives on manipulation and has a great thirst for power to cope with the struggles of aging and losing control.
Xuan Yan Bai Luyan Emperor of Yin Empire.
Chen Hao Yu Bai Zhouyue (Xiao Zhou) Princess of Yin Empire.
Ken Chang Bai Yi Head of the Four Great Generals of the Eastern Continent (Dragon general). A master of military strategy of Chu Wei kingdom (a vassal kingdom of Yin Empire), who is cold and melancholy. Teacher of Xiao Zhou.

Li kingdom[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Zhang Feng Yi Ying Wuyi Ruler of Li kingdom. A powerful warlord who is incredibly accomplished and intelligent. His ambition is to overthrow the Emperor of Yin Empire and unite the Eastern Land.
Wu Jia Yi Ying Yu Princess of Li kingdom. Ying Wuyi's daughter.

Northern Continent[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Dong Yong Lü Song (Guole'er Mosu'er) Grand Ruler of Northern Land. Chief of Qingyang tribe. Lü Guichen's father.
Duo Bu Jie Mengle Huo'er Wolf Lord; Chief of Shuobei tribe. Grandfather of Lü Yingyang and Lü Guichen.
Li Pei Ming Lü Baoyin (Elu Pasu'er) Prince of Qingyang tribe (Ninth prince). Lü Guichen's uncle.
Li Ye Lü Shouyu (Beimogan Pasu'er) Lü Guichen's eldest brother.
Yang Le Lü Yingyang (Xuduohan Pasu'er) Lü Guichen's third brother. A highly ambitious man.
Jin Song Longge Zhenhuang (Boluha Kusa'er) Lü Guichen's foster father. Chief of Zhenyan tribe, which later revolts to fight against Qingyang and then becomes eliminated by Qingyang tribe.
Yang Xin Ming Da Hesa (Shahan Chaodelaji) Sage of Qingyang, who is armed with knowledge of the world. Close and trusted friend of the Great Lord.
Lu Yan Qi Longge Ning (Suma Kusa'er) Daughter of Longge Zhenhuang. Lü Guichen's childhood servant and friend. She is born mute.


Actor Role Notes
Zhang Zhi Jian Lei Bicheng A mysterious, powerful figure who lingers in the shadows and masterfully orchestrates the destruction and chaos of the Eastern Continent. Member of a denomination called Chenyue.
Jiang Tao Yi Tianzhan Member of the Winged Tribe. Heaven warrior. Yu Ran's grandfather, Ji Ye's teacher.
Ji Ta Bo Minke
Jia Hai Tao River Folk (河络). A prophet.


The series began filming at Xiangyang on November 2, 2017. The production team relocated to Xinjiang to film starting from February 7, 2018. Filming wrapped up in August 7, 2018.

Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing (novel): Jiu Zhou Piao Miao Lu (九州·缥缈录) by Jiang Nan (江南)
  • Director: Zhang Xiao Bo (张晓波)
  • Screenwriter: Jiang Nan (江南), Chang Jiang (常江)
  • Producer: Zhang Wei Wei (张为为)
  • Company: Linmon Pictures, Tencent Penguin Pictures, Youku, Smart Dragon, Da Shen Quan

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