Now You're Not Here(song)

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  • Title: Now You're Not Here
  • Title (Japanese): あなたにいてほしい / Anata ni Ite Hoshii
  • Artist: Swing Out Sister
  • Related drama: Mahiru no Tsuki (TBS, 1996)


Edited to fit the drama's OP theme.

Love was young
We saw beyond a sky that had no limits
Much higher than the highest star
Beyond the furthest planet
We thought that we could change the world
And everything in it
But time ran out of endless hours
Gave into doubt, were we just playing an endless game
That no one ever wins

If I could run away
Hide away
Forget the way I feel
But your memory keeps haunting me
Convincing me it's real
Now you're not here
Now you're not here

With me now, in my arms, in my mind, in my life

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