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  • Title: ナースマン
  • Title (English): Nurseman
  • Genre: Human comedy
  • Episodes: 10 + 2 specials
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast period: 2002-Jan-19 to 2002-Mar-23
    • SP1: "Special: Nurseman" 2004-Apr-06
    • SP2: "Nurseman ga Yuku" 2004-Oct-16 and 2004-Oct-30
  • Air time: Saturday 21:00
    • SP1: 21:00-22:54
    • SP2: 21:00-21:54
  • Theme songs:
  • Related TV show: Nurseman ga Yuku


The world of nursing has been the redoubt of women since time immemorial. Men were the doctors and women the nurses. That changed as more and more women broke through the glass ceiling to become doctors themselves, but women still control the nursing profession - until now!

Newly graduated from nursing school, Yujiro Takasawa and Shinta Yamaoka are eager, ready, willing and able to pursue their life-long dreams as male nurses. Not so fast. At their new posting at Shirayuri Memorial Hospital, male nurses Yujiro and Shinta go head to head against some seriously entrenched and very stubborn female nurses. These women are so strong-willed that even the doctors are afraid of them. Will these two "nursemen" persevere for men's rights in the end? --- NTV

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