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  • Title: 踊る大捜査線
  • Title (romaji): Odoru Daisousasen
  • Also known as: Police Investigation Headquarters / Rhythm and Police / Bayside Shakedown
  • Genre: Comedy, mystery
  • Episodes: 11 episodes, 3 specials, 4 movies
  • Viewership rating: 23.1
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 1997-Jan-07 to 1997-Mar-18
  • Air time: Tuesday 21:00
  • Theme song: Love Somebody by Oda Yuji with Maxi Priest


Odoru Daisousasen is a Japanese drama, with some comedic moments. It originally ran for 11 episodes, and has spawned several TV specials and four full-length theatrical movies.

Oda Yuji plays a character named Aoshima Shunsaku, an ex-computer salesman, who decides one day that he wants to be a detective. He soon becomes a detective at the Wangan Police Station where he encounters various cases and deals with the police bureaucracy.

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  • Odoru Daisousasen ~ Nenmatsu tokubetsu keikai Special (1997-Dec-30)
  • Odoru Daisousasen ~ Wangansho fukei monogatari shoka no kotsuanzen Special (1998-Jun-19)
  • Odoru Daisousasen ~ Aki no hanzai bokumetsu Special (1998-Oct-6)
  • Odoru Legend ~ The Fugitive, Kijima Jouichirou / Odoru Legend ~ Toubousha Kijima Jouichirou (2005-Dec-10)



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Movie Adaptations

  • Bayside Shakedown : The Movie (10/31/1998)
  • Bayside Shakedown : The Movie 2 / Bayside Shakedown 2: Save the Rainbow Bridge (12/20/2003)
  • Negotiator Mashita Masayoshi / Koshonin Masyoshi Mashita (5/7/2005)
  • Suspect Muroi Shinji / Yogisha Muroi Shinji (8/27/2005)


  • Both Bayside Shakedown movies include the entire cast in the original series. Bayside Shakedown 1 was the highest grossing film of 1998 and in 2003 Bayside Shakedown: The Movie 2 became the highest grossing non animated film in Japanese cinema history.
  • In 2005 two "spin off" movies were made. Both spin off movies do not revolve around Oda Yuji's character, Aoshima, nor do the movies revolve around the Wangan Police Station. However, they revolve around two characters from the series, Mashita and Murori.

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