Oh! My Emperor

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Oh! My Emperor Season 1


  • Title: 哦!我的皇帝陛下 / O! Wo De Huang Di Bi Xia
  • English title: Oh! My Emperor
  • Genre: Historical, romance, comedy, fantasy
  • Episodes: 42 (Season 1: 21; Season 2: 21)
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Apr-25 (Season 1), 2018-May-23 (Season 2)


Season 1[edit]

Because of a mysterious incident, surgery resident intern Luo Feifei was transported back to the Nation of Huang Dao where the country's leadership is rotated among the 12 constellation lords every thousand years. There, Feifei meets the current emperor of the nation Beitang Yi; and Beitang Moran, a powerful monarch who always protects her silently.

Season 2[edit]

The Huang Dao Kingdom and Ophiuchus constellation have always been at odds due to a rebellion incident thousand years ago. When Lu Feifei's real identity as the Lord of Ophiuchus constellation was revealed, her life was put in danger as numerous forces tried to take her life. To protect her, the Beitang Family started to investigate the incident which led to an unravel of a big conspiracy.


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Oh! My Emperor Season 2


  • I Want To Give You (我想给你) by X Nine
  • Changes (境迁) by Cyndi Wang & Wu Jia Cheng
  • Love Drops Into The Sea (好像掉进爱情海里) by Zhao Lu Si & Wu Jia Cheng
  • Her (她) by Yan Juntao
  • A World With You (有你的世界) by Peng Chu Yue
  • Stepping Shadows (踩影子) by Xiao Zhan
  • Two Worlds (两个世界) by Zhang Yinhao
  • A Dance at People's Complex (我在人民广场跳广场舞) by Cui Zi Ge
  • A Journey of Mountain Roads (一程山路) by Mao Bu Yi

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