Once a Youth

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Once Young


  • Title: 曾少年 / Ceng Shao Nian
  • English title: Once Young
  • Genre: Youth, romance
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2021


Xie Qiao enrolls in to the university her crush, He Xiaozhou studies in. There, she meets and becomes good friends with her roommates Qian Xia and Wang Ying, embarking on a happy campus life. However, her happiness was crushed when she finds out that He Xiaozhou and Qian Xi likes each other. To console her, Xie Qiao's childhood friend Qin Chuan returns to the country and stayed by her side, encouraging her to find her own value in life. Qin Chuan wanted to confess to Xie Qiao, but missed the opportunity and accidentally become Wang Ying's boyfriend; while Xie Qiao enters into a relationship with Wang Ying's childhood friend Yang Cheng. After many years, Xie Qiao and Qin Chuan finally get together after the Wenchuan Earthquake. After becoming a couple, the two supported each other through their life and career. Xie Qiao becomes a successful online author, while Qin Chuan recovers from his career slump in electronics business.


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