Ore no Sora: Keiji Hen

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Ore no Sora: Keiji Hen


  • Title: 俺の空 刑事編
  • Title (romaji): Ore no Sora: Keiji Hen
  • Title (English): The Sky is Mine - The Billionaire Detective
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 9
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-16 start
  • Air time: Sunday 23:00


Yasuda Ippei (Shonozaki Ken) is the son of Yasuda Seijiro (Osugi Ren), the head of Yasuda Group, Japan's biggest business conglomerate. Although he is the son of a distinguished family, he has absolutely no disagreeable areas and is liked by everyone. His academic achievements are exceptional. He completed his entire high school programme in 2 years and qualified for Tokyo University's Faculty of Law without studying for the exams. In order to establish his own concept of justice, Yasuda leaves his position as the heir to the Yasuda Group to attend the police academy. He becomes a detective at Kyobashi Police Precinct and bravely faces great evil. -- Jdrama Weblog

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Episode Subtitle / Scenario Ratings
01 大富豪の新人刑事!? 密室の同窓会殺人!! 6.6
02 美人OL失踪殺人…富豪刑事の名推理!! 7.2
03 連続誘拐トリック!! 富豪刑事99%の推理 6.9
04 女占い師vs殺人犯 5.5
05 マジシャン連続殺人 富豪刑事50億の罠!? 7.1
06 タイムリミット60秒 復讐妻の爆破予告!! 6.7
07 最終章…刑事殺し!!死体が語るトリック 5.8
08 最終章!!刑事殺し…密室で復讐する女!? 5.4
09 さよなら富豪刑事!!5千億の完全犯罪!? 8.8
Average 6.7

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