Our Attitude to Prepare Parting

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Our Attitude to Prepare Parting


  • Title: 이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세 / ee-byul-eh dae-chuh-ha-neun woo-ri-eh ja-se
  • Also known as: Rules of Love (MBC Global Media) / Our Stance on How to Treat a Break-up
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jul-27 to 2005-Sep-15
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Han Jae Min, a budding photographer, is in love with Seo Hee Won. As an ELLE reporter she spends most of her time at Lee Seo Jun's photography studio Conan. Jae Min starts dating the perpetual exam taker Kim Geun Young, whose brother works at Conan, to get a job there. Naive girl that she is, Geun Young falls right into his plot.

Jae Min's schemes are successfull and then he trieds to break things off with Geun Young, the girlfriend he never wanted. Geun Young however wants revenge for being used and isn't ready to let him go. She makes him sign a break-up contract. He must stay and help her get over him until she's ready to let him go. As Geun Young lets him go little by little Jae Min falls for her little by little. Unfortunately for Jae Min, Lee Seo Jun also falls for Geun Young and isn't afraid to show it.

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