Phoenix 2020

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For the 2004 MBC drama of the same title, see Phoenix.
Phoenix 2020


  • Title: 불새 2020 / Bulsae 2020
  • Also known as: The Fire Bird
  • Genre: Drama, romance
  • Episodes: 120
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-26 to 2021-Apr-09
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 08:35
  • Original Soundtrack: Phoenix 2020 OST
  • Related TV shows: Phoenix (MBC, 2004)


A rich women and a poor man marry for love, but end up divorcing. When they meet again 10 years later, their circumstances are reversed; the ex-husband is now a executive at a big company.

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Main Cast
People around Ji Eun
  • Yang Hye Jin (양혜진) as Jo Hyun Sook (Ji Eun's mother) (50 / 60)
  • Choi Ryung as Lee Sang Beom (Ji Eun's father) (50)
  • Kim Seung Hyun (김승현) as Jo Hyun Min (Hyun Sook's younger brother) (40 / 50)
  • Jung Seo Ha (정서하) as Lee Young Eun (Ji Eun's younger sister) (20 / 30)
  • Ok Go Un as Nam Bok Ja (Ji Eun's best friend)
People around Se Hoon
People around Jung Min
  • Kim Jong Suk (김종석) as Seo Moon Soo (Jung Min's father) (50 / 60)
  • Sung Hyun Ah as Choi Myung Hwa (Jung Min's stepmother) (40 / 50)
  • Hongsuk as Shin Ah Joon (Jung Min's former roommate) (ep 70-95)
  • Jin Mi Ryung (진미령) as Suh Hee Soo (Moon Soo's older sister) (ep 62-120)
  • Park Gi Pyo (박기표) as Danny (Hee Soo's son) (ep 62)
  • Han Min Yeob (한민엽) as Lee Ahn (Jung Min's friend) (39)
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  • This drama is a daily drama adaptation of the 2004 MBC drama Phoenix. Screenwriter Lee Yoo Jin wrote the screenplay for the original drama as well.

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