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  • Title: 心宅猎人 / Xin Zhai Lie Ren
  • English title: Psych-Hunter
  • Also known as: Haunted Houses Handbook
  • Genre: Republican, mystery, supernatural
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Nov-23 to 2020-Dec-16
  • Original soundtrack: Psych-Hunter OST


Tradesman Jiang Shuo and his odd doctor friend Qin Yi Heng buy haunted houses in order to resell them. However, scary things begin to happen and each haunted house seems to be part of a big puzzle. Jiang Shuo, Yi Heng, and policewoman Yuan Mu Qing try to solve the enigma.

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Changshanzhou Police Station

People around Jiang Shuo

People around Qin Yiheng

  • Min Zheng as Qin Yi, chairman of Qin chamber of commerce. Qin Yiheng's father
  • Zhang Xiang as Qin Yichi, director of Qin chamber of commerce. Qin Yiheng's brother
  • Chen Mei Lin as Shi Sanniang, nurse at Renji Changshanzhou hospital (voiced by Lu Geng Yi)
  • Liang Bao Ling as Shen Tian, doctor at Renji Changshanzhou hospital

People around Yuan Muqing

Death of House Owner (ep 1-4)

Childrens Trafficking Orphanage (ep 4-6)

Two Generations Eternity Clock (ep 6-8)

Black Cat in the Dormitory (ep 8-9)

Invitation From Hell (ep 12-16)

Female Ghost Revenge (ep 17-20)

Goddess Clock (ep 20-22)

Palace of Immortality (ep 23-25)

Letter From the Death Spirit (ep 25-26)

Lan Xin Cheongsam Boutique (ep 26-29)

Jiang Family's Old House (ep 29-31)

Deadly Leaf Tattoo (ep 31-34)

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