Qin Wang Li Shi Min

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Qin Wang Li Shi Min


  • Title: 秦王李世民 / Qin Wang Li Shi Min
  • Also known as: Qin King Li Shi Min / The Qin Emperor Li Shi Min / The Cin Emperor Lee Shi Min
  • Genre: Ancient Chinese idol drama
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast year: 2005-Feb-28
  • Opening theme song: Xin Hai Wu Yang (心海无央) by Dai Yu Qiang (戴玉强)
  • Ending theme song: Ni Hao Jiu Hao (你好就好) by Xin Zi (馨梓) and Li Jin Bo (李金波)


At the end of the Sui dynasty, Emperor Li Guang begins to doubt the loyalty of General Li Yuan. In an effort to solidify the latter's loyalty, Li Guang decides to betroth his beautiful daughter Ruo Xi to Li Yuan's eldest son, Li Jian Cheng. However, Ruo Xi has already fallen mutually in love with Li Yuan's second son, Li Shi Min. This instigates a feud between the two brothers and their respective loyalists, eventually leading to the fall of the Sui dynasty and the beginning of the Tang dynasty.

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