Qing Luo

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  • Title: 清落 / Qing Luo
  • English title:
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes:
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2021


Yu Qingluo gives birth to a son named Nan Nan. Seven years later, she becomes a renowned physician with unorthodox skills. She sets out to find Yang Xiucheng, Nan Nan's father. On her journey, she comes across a man named Ye Xiudu, the prince of Feng Cang Kingdom. As Ye Xiudu resembles Yang Xiucheng, Yu Qingluo grew to resent him. However after several encounters, she realizes it was just a co-incidence and began to open up to him. At the same time, Yu Qingluo's skills and talent attracted unwanted attention and she gets swept up in conflicts. Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiudu work together to defeat the opponents, and Yu Qingluo also finds out that Ye Xiudiu is Nan Nan's biological father in the process. The family of three retreat together to Xiaolin Forest, and live a peaceful and happy life together.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing: Keng Die Er Zi Gui Yi Niang Qin (坑爹儿子鬼医娘亲)
  • Director: Liu Zhen Ming
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company: Youku, Huachen Meichuang, Yin He Ku Yu Media

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