Qing Mi Xing Ti Yan

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  • Title: 清蜜星体验 / Tian Mi Xing Ti Yan
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2010-May-14


A popular illustrator, Yi Xue, takes inspiration from the people she meet to create 12 stories in which the men under the twelve signs of zodiac find a way to change themselves for the one they love.

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Episode 1 - Aries learns to be considerate
Episode 2 - Taurus learns to be spontaneous
Episode 3 - Gemini learns to be straightforward
Episode 4 - Cancer learns to respect
Episode 5 - Leo learns to be tolerant
Episode 6 - Virgo learns to be accepting
Episode 7 - Libra learns to decide
Episode 8 - Scorpio learns to be open
Episode 9 - Sagittarius learns to be sensitive
Episode 10 - Capricorn learns to be sentimental
Episode 11 - Aquarius learns to share
  • Ah Ken (阿Ken) as Aquarius Johnny
  • Li Wei Wei (李維維) as Taurus Qiong Yun 瓊芸
Episode 12 - Pisces learns to uphold principle

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  • It is a web series first aired on video streaming website Youku.
  • Each episode is between 5 minutes to 10 minutes long.

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