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Queen Dugu


  • Title: 独孤皇后 / Du Gu Huang Hou
  • English title: Queen Dugu
  • Genre: Historical, Romance
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi, Youku, Tencent
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Feb-11


Focuses on the romance between Dugu Jialuo and Yang Jian, the founding rulers of the Sui Dynasty.

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Actor Role Notes
Joe Chen Dugu Jialuo Empress Wenxian of Sui
Youngest daughter of the Dugu family. Due to her family misfortunes, Dugu Jialuo has developed a perceptive insight since young. She is intelligent and wise, and is adept at handling political matters.
Chen Xiao Yang Jian Emperor Wen of Sui
Eldest son of Yang Zhong.


People of Northern Zhou and Sui[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Yuwen Royal Family
Jiang Kai Yuwen Hu Grand Preceptor of Northern Zhou
A vicious and merciless man who takes charge of the political affairs in court and wields great power.
Qian Yong Chen Yuwen Yu Emperor Ming of Northern Zhou
Xu Xiao Han Empress Mingjing of Northern Zhou
Wife of Yuwen Yu. Eldest daughter of the Dugu family.
Qi Ji Yuwen Yong Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou
Duke of Lu ---> Emperor
Dugu Jialuo's first love and childhood friend; the two separated as Dugu Jialuo could not accept the idea of sharing a husband with another woman.
During his captive as a "puppet ruler", he was aied by Yang Jian and Dugu Qieluo who helped him get freed. However, his suspicious nature later caused him to grow distrustful of Yang Jian.
Hai Lu Ashina Empress Wucheng of Northern Zhou
Princess of Tujue ---> Duchess of Lu ---> Empress
She was married to Yuwen Yong through a political marriage between two countries. She resents Dugu Jialuo as Yuwen Yong loved her.
Xi Zi Yuwen Zhu Princess Shunyang of Northern Zhou
Yang Zan's wife.
Wang Xin Yu Yuwen Yun Emperor Xuan of Northern Zhou
Duke of Lu ---> Crown prince ---> Emperor
Eldest son of Yuwen Yong.
Wu Hong Yuwen Hui Son of Yuwen Hu.
Chen Xin Er Yun Chan Yuwen Hu's niece.
She was used as a political tool by Yuwen Hu to spy on Yuwen Yu.
Zhang Lei Yang Zhong Duke of Sui.
Father of Yang Jian.
Zhang Lu Gao Jiong General of Northern Zhou, later Prime Minister of Sui.
Childhood friend of Dugu Jialuo and Yuwen Yong.
Yan Su Yang Su Supreme general of Northern Zhou, later Prime Minister of Sui.
Close friend of Yang Jian.
Li Duo Gao Bin Provincial governor of Northern Zhou.
Sun Lei Yuchi Jiong General of Northern Zhou, later Regent of Xiangchuan of Northern Zhou.
Feng Hui Zhao Yue Advisor of Northern Zhou.
Yuwen Hu's subordinate.
Qin Yan Dugu Xin Duke of Wei.
Father of Dugu Jialuo.
Zhao Gui General of Northern Zhou.
Yuwen Shu General of Sui.
Guo Hong Lady Cui Dugu Xin's wife. Mother of Dugu Jialuo.
Yang Bo Dugu Shan Eldest son of the Dugu family.
Chen Heng Shangguan Ying'e Dugu Shan's wife.
Gao Ye Zheng Qiye Yang Su's wife.
Close friend of Dugu Jialuo.
Sun Meng Jia Zhao Yan Zhao Gui's daughter, Yuchi Kuan's wife.
Zhang Lin Yuchi Kuan Yuchi Jiong's son.
Gu Yu Han Yuchi Wenji Yuchi Jiong and Zhao Yan's daughter.
She was a palace maid in Sui palace, and later attracted the attention of Yang Jian. She was later killed by Dugu Jialuo for seducing her husband.
Yang Sheng Yuan Xu Zhuo Ally of Dugu Xin.

Sui Royal Family[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Li Zheng Yang Yang Zheng Second son of Yang family.
Ying Zi Yuchi Rong Yuchi Jiong's daughter, wife of Yang Zheng.
She harbors a grudge toward Dugu Jialuo, as the latter exposed her extramarital affair with her first love, causing her to lose her husband's favor.
Fang Yi Lun Yang Zan Prince of Tai
Duke of Shao (Northern Zhou)---> Prince of Tai
Third son of Yang family. He is adept at the arts of music.
Liu Zhe Hui Yang Shuang Prince of Wei
Tongan Jungong (Northern Zhou) ---> General of Northern Zhou ---> Prince of Wei
Youngest son of Yang family.
Song Yi Xing Yang Lihua Princess Leping of Sui

Crown Princess (Northern Zhou) ---> Empress Tianyuan (Northern Zhou)--> Grand Empress Tianyuan (Northern Zhou) ---> Princess Leping
Dugu Jialuo and Yang Jian's daughter. Wife of Yuwen Yun.

Tang Xiao Tian Yang Yong Crown Prince of Sui
Marquess of Boping (Northern Zhou) ---> Duke of Changning (Northern Zhou) ---> Grand Marshall (Northern Zhou) ---> Crown Prince
Yang Jian and Dugu Jialuo's eldest son. He was later disposed of his position, stripped of his title and became a commoner.
Ma Xin Ming Yang Guang Emperor Yang of Sui
General of Northern Zhou ---> Prince Jin ---> Crown Prince ---> Emperor
Yang Jian and Dugu Jialuo's second son, who later become the second Emperor of Sui.
Yang Tian Yuan Xiao Qiang Empress Xiao of Sui
Princess of Western Liang ---> Princess Consort Jin ---> Crown Princess ---> Empress
Wife of Yang Guang.
Xu Xiao Han Chen Wanyi Lady Xuanhua of Sui
Princess of Southern Chen ---> Palace maid ---> Lady Xunhua.
She was taken as a consort by Yang Jian after Dugu Jialuo's death.


Actor Role Notes
Ashina Yanyu Prince of Tujue. Ashina's brother.
Yang Yu Lan Yao Shanggong Head palace maid.


The series began filming at Hengdian World Studios in March 2017, and wrapped up in July 2017.


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